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Dental Benefit – How do I get Dental Insurance and stay with my Dentist

Wednesday, Aug. 10th 2022 11:06 AM

Question: I have been seeing the same dentist for over six years and I really like him.  I do not want to change my dentist since in the past before I found him I had bad experiences with other dentist.   My problem is he said is only a provider of Delta Dental but when I call Delta Dental I am told it is a group plan only.  How do I get insurance that will let me stay with my dentist regardless. 

Answer: What you want to look for would be either Dental PPO or dental Indemnity insurance plans. Dental PPOs like your Delta Dental will normally let you go outside their network sometime at a reduce coverage. So make sure you read the terms to confirm what your true coverage is for choosing an outside network dentist. 

A dental Indemnity insurance plan does not have any network dentist therefore allowing you to choose your own dentist without changing your coverage’s.  Something else to keep in mind.

Even though you may have called a Delta Dental office that stated that they only do group plans, you still may be able to get a Delta Dental plan.  Not all Delta dental agents sell only group plans. Depending on your state there still may be a Delta dental product sold to individual and their families direct.  At we Delta Dental plans to individual and their families. To see if they have Delta dental in your state just enter your zip code for a dental quote.

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