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Buying Affordable dental insurance for a couple in NY

Monday, Oct. 18th 2010 9:26 AM

My  wife and I live in New York and we are wanting an affordable dental insurance plan.  It would be just the two of us and I am looking to keep it long term unless my job starts to offer dental insurance which right now I do not see happening.

We have no really dental issues going on but it would be nice to get our check ups and basic cleaning done.  So I do not see waiting periods as much of an issue.  Can you advise what is the  better dental plan to get.

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Buying Affordable dental insurance for a couple in NY, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Posted on Monday, Oct. 18th 2010 9:26 AM | by admin | in Dental Insurance | 2 Comments »

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Buying Affordable dental insurance for a couple in NY

  1. Charlene Says:

    In NY there are many good dental plans and dental insurance.
    The discount plans will not have any waiting periods so you if you want to start with reviewing the dental discount plans they would be the first four plans.

    However we also over dental insurance were you can chose your own dentist. They will have waiting periods and it varies from each plan. Normally 6 months for basic 12 for major and no waiting periods for preventive. However review each plan to confirm the plans waiting periods.

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  2. Caroline Jackey Says:

    You may want to review the PPO Super Select (Age 64 & Under)
    or the Basic Plan (Age 64 & Under) offered on this web site though Nationwide.

    Both plans have the least amount of waiting periods with the exception of the dental discount plans. But if you are looking for insurance I suggest the ones I mention.

    To review all the plan options. Just enter your zip code in the quote box above.

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