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Rhode Island Dental Insurance for Braces, Braces on a 24 year old


Rhode Island Dental Insurance for Braces, Braces on a 24 year old:   I need some good advise on what to do.  I current have dental braces on.  I got them put in when I was twenty.  At the time I had the money but during the course of treatment I had to move to a different state.

I never went back to an orthodontic dentist to finish up my braces.  That was two years ago.  I still have the braces on since I never had them taken off either.   I am not sure what to do I would like to have them removed or at least have a dentist finish treatment.

I called some dental insurance companies that will not help me at all toward the cost of having something done about my braces.   I work but it not like I have allot of extra money right now and I could use some help.  Do you have any dental plans that can help me? I also could use some advise on how to handle my current problem do I just remove the braces or finish the treatment?

Posted on 01/26/11 | by admin | in Braces | 2 Comments »

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