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Dental Health care, Knowing the ADA codes for dental services


I have a dental HMO plan though my job that I thought would be very helpful to me since I have not been to a dentist in a while.  However, it seems whenever I go to the dental office I am being told I need dental services that are not covered under my plan.

Which I would think things like crowns and cleanings would be covered they show on my plan that they are.  I call the insurance company and they stated can not confirm plan benefits without knowing the ADA codes.   Where do I get ADA codes so I can check with the company that what the dental office is telling me is true.?

Posted on 10/28/10 | by admin | in ADA Codes | 2 Comments »

Dental Insurance Coverages and ADA codes


I have a dental PPO plan though Anthem Blue Cross from my employer.  Even though I have had it for a few years this was the first time I really used it for anything more then my free cleaning.

About a month ago I had some dental work that was rather costly.  Now I get an additional billing from my dentist stated that the insurance did not pay out much for the full porcelain crown that I got.  However my dental plan says they will pay out half the cost for crowns.

Calling up the dental insurance company right away I was told that they do not cover out that ADA code but will cover up to the UCR rate for a different crown….   It really seemed like double talk to me.  A crown is a crown!  What do they mean ADA code?  Please help me understand.

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