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Tips for dental care when dealing with dexterity problems. 


There are many seniors that suffer from arthritis or have other dexterity problems, making it difficult for them to brush and floss their teeth and maintain good dental care habits.  Here are some tips that may help:  

1) Use a wide elastic band to attach the toothbrush handle to the hand.  
2) Enlarge the toothbrush handle with a piece of wood or plastic.  
3) Use an electric toothbrush.  
4) Tie the ends of floss together, making a circle before flossing or use a floss holder.

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Dental Health Care, Dental Insurance Plans In Texas.


Dental Health Care, Dental Insurance Plans In Texas. I live in Texas and although I do received dental benefits though my job they are very limited and they do not really work well for me since I nee more then just preventive dental care.

I am looking for a dental plan that would be better for all other basic dental care that is still low in cost so I can afford to get it. Can you please advise me of your best dental plan in Texas?

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Dental Benefits Providers, Dental Health Care, Cavities and Novocaine shots


Dental Benefits Providers, Dental Health Care, Cavities and Novocaine shots:  I have dental fears of getting shots.   I know I need to have a filling for this cavity on a back tooth but I hate having to have shots which makes me not want to go to the dentist for a filling.  What can I do about this?  Can a dentist do  a filling with out shots?

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Dental health care, extraction done two days ago and I am still bleeding


I had two back molars pulled  two days ago.  I am wondering if it is normal to still be bleeding off and on two days later?  It not real bad but I thought I should be done with bleeding by now.  How can I heal faster?

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Dental health care, what is the process for getting dental implants


Knowing that I need a few teeth pulled I can either get a partial or implants.   I am think more toward implants but do not really know much abou then other then you are not taking off and they look just like real teeth.

That just sound way better the fake teeth.   Are there any dental insurance or plan that will help me to get dental implants?  I asked mine and found out they really do not cover much for partials let alone implants.  Oh and  what type of dentist does implants so I can start shopping them out.

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Dental Health care, Getting a shot by a dentist to have filling done


So I have never been to a dentist that I can recall in my whole life.  I just turned 18 and I went into the dentist for a check up and cleaning with my 20 year old brother.  He was helping me pay for the dental visit.

I found out I had  10 cavities.  My brother who when he first was able to see the dentist had four cavities and told me the shot they had to give him to numb is gums hurt.   I am not scared of going to the dentist and having the filling done but I do not want to have any shots.

The though of having a shot in my gums is freaking me out, and I do not want to have a dentist do that.  Is there any way I can just be put to sleep instead of having shots in my gums?

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Dental Health care, Knowing the ADA codes for dental services


I have a dental HMO plan though my job that I thought would be very helpful to me since I have not been to a dentist in a while.  However, it seems whenever I go to the dental office I am being told I need dental services that are not covered under my plan.

Which I would think things like crowns and cleanings would be covered they show on my plan that they are.  I call the insurance company and they stated can not confirm plan benefits without knowing the ADA codes.   Where do I get ADA codes so I can check with the company that what the dental office is telling me is true.?

Posted on 10/28/10 | by admin | in ADA Codes | 2 Comments »

Dental health care, Gingivitis what is it and how is it treated


My mom is being told by the dentist she has Gingivitis and needs to have deep cleaning and follow up cleaning like four times a year.  My mom does not speak or understand English well.  Every day talk yes but not this dental stuff.

She does not know what Gingivitis really is.  And why she needs to have so many cleaning on her teeth if Gingivitis has something to do with gums.   Her dental insurance is good but not going to pay for everything she wants to make sure she is not being told a story.

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Dental Health care, Having a root canal done.


I need to have two root canal done and I am scared about the process.  I never had to have more the a filling before and I am not good about going to the dentist.  I just get nervous and do not like having to go unless nessary.   Can some tell me what happen when you have a root canal done.  Oh also I will be having crown put on too.  So any information will help thanks.

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Dental Health care, Teeth care with Acid Reflux


This past month I have been getting really bad acid reflux on an off.   I take good care of my teeth but since I never had acid reflux so long before I am worried that it may start causing damage to my teeth.   Is there any extra care I should be taking during this time?

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Dental health care, Crowns cost


So I have yellow teeth with very week tooth  enamel.  This makes it very easy for my teeth to get cavities.  Because I get cavities my teeth chip easy too.  I think I am tired of all this hassle and want to just crown all  of my teeth.   So my question is how much would something like that cost and would dental insurance cover for you to have all your teeth crowned?

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Dental health care, where to go when your child has dental fears


Hello, I have a seven year old daughter that has very bad dental fears.  She fights every time I have to take her to the dentist.  She will not let the dentist work on her teeth even to do a cleaning.  I even had to leave one dental office because she would not behave.

I do not understand this fear.  I am not sure where it coming from she never had more then a basic cleaning done.  Right now her teeth are okay but I am running out of dentist that I can go to with her.

Where can I go and take her where the dentist can handle such a child?   I will not stop taking her to the dentist but truthfully I am really embarrass by her and her behavior.  She is only like that with the dentist other wise she is a really well behaved child.

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Dental health care, Dental insurance for California


So I live in California and right now I do not have any affordable dental insurance.  What I do have is this PPO though Delta dental that I get though my employer.   However the plan does not work well for me.  I have a $1000.00  which is not much coverage  when dental work cost so much here in CA

I also seem to always go over the UCR fees that are some mystery figures that the company comes up with.   I just tired of the limitations this plans has build into it.  Are there any affordable dental plans where I do not have a yearly max nor do I have to worry about what my billing going to be after the fact..   Thank you

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