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Individual Private Dental Insurance for New Jersey


Individual Private Dental Insurance for New Jersey.  I am a signal individual that needs to get dental care treatment ASAP.   I am in a great deal of pain with one of my back molars.  It has been giving me some problems before but now I broke about half of it off.   I don’t have any dental insurance and without insurance I feel I can not afford dental care.  Can you help me.

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Pennsylvania dental health care, teeth pain need help


Pennsylvania dental health care, teeth pain need help.  I have all my wisdom teeth in but only my two bottom one are really starting to hurt me.  I do not think they have fully came in like the top ones did.

They mostly hurt when I eat so I do my best not to chew in the back so they do not hurt as much.  I guessing that they may need to be pulled but I do not have dental insurance nor money to have them pulled.  Please do you have any dental plans that can help me quickly as possible? Or do you know where I can have them pulled for a low cost?

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New Jersey Dental Insurance needed with no waiting periods.


I need dental insurance help in New Jersey:  Right now I have nothing as far as dental insurance goes.  I do have a killer toothache that has Jacked up my X-mas and I am hoping not to have a Jacked up New Years as well.  

I need a dental insurance plan that starts right away with no waiting periods so I can fix my tooth before next year. Do you have anything that can help me?   Please

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Dental pain need help with this toothache


Please help I need to see a dentist TODAY or ASAP  what can you suggest for me to get.  I need something low cost and will help me save some money since my mom will be paying my dental bill for me.

I told her I would pick up a plan to try and reduce the cost but no way I can wait out any waiting periods so could use some help here.

Posted on 11/16/10 | by admin | in Toothache | No Comments »

Stop my tooth pain now, No dental insurance need help


I need something to help me afford to see the dentist like yesterday.   I was eating nachos when part of a back tooth broke off.   I have been in great deal of pain since.   I can only eat really soft foods and I getting a headache do to the tooth always hurting.

I have not dental insurance and the few places I have called said that with the waiting periods their dental plans have they doubt that they will help me out much for what is currently going on.  What can I do?

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Ridding yourself of toothache pain without going to the dentist.


I can not go to the dentist.  I do not have dental insurance and right now I am only working part time hours.  So I do not have any money to be spending at the dentist.  Since they all are crazy expensive and want you to pay the billing in full.

However I have this one broken back tooth that really hurt me.  If I get any food stuck by the tooth it is like a shooting pain.  So I try my best not to chew on that side of my mouth.  Is there any way to stop the pain without going to a dentist?

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Individual dental insurance where the benefits are effective immediately


I have a really bad toothache from an old tooth that was crown over seven years ago.  I am thinking that I got a new cavity or something on on but it is the crowned tooth for sure.   I need something to be done about it now.   I can not wait out waiting periods when I hurt this much Any help will do I live in Florida

Posted on 09/27/10 | by admin | in Toothache | 2 Comments »

Where can I get free dental health care.


Where is the free health care everyone was supposed to get?   I have some very bad teeth issues.  There have been times I have been in such bad pain that I could not sleep.  I been to the hospital but they do not do anything for me but one time give me pain killer and antibiotics.

I was told I would need to see a dentist for my teeth.  I been to the dentist once but was told in order to fix only the teeth that were really bad it would cost me over 5000.00.   And that was a long time ago.  I sure it is much  higher now.  Where do I go for free dental care?

Posted on 09/14/10 | by admin | in Toothache | 7 Comments »

Dental health care, abscessed tooth


I have an abscessed tooth that is just killing me.   There is no way I can have a root canal because they want $1500.00 plus crown cost and there no possible way I can afford that.  I would like to know if I go to the dentist just to have the tooth pulled.  Well it really effect my other teeth all that much?  The tooth I want to pull is in the back.

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Posted on 07/21/10 | by admin | in Crowns, Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Extractions, Toothache | 3 Comments »

Dental Health Care, Where do you go to get free dental


If we are chaging all the health care to offer free health is that the same for dental?  I know you can go into any emergency room at a hospital and they have to help you regardless or not if you have insurance.

Were do you go to have that done for your teeth?  I have no money and my teeth really hurt.  Where am I to got to make a dentist fix my teeth for free.  If having bad teeth can cause you to have major health issues then why is there no place I can go for dental care?

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Posted on 07/09/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Toothache | 4 Comments »

Dental Insurance, My parents do not have dental insurance.


I have a really bad toothache that started in a day ago.  The pain is off and on mostly when I try and eat something.  My parents do not have any dental insurance so having my teeth fix would be costly for them.

I have not told them about my toothache because I know they will get upset with me. They will tell me it is because I do not brush good enough.  However I do brush my teeth twice a day every day.  I am not sure why I should have a toothache now.   I am 15 so it not like I can go to the dentist on my own.

What can I do to stop this toothache pain without having to tell my parents and make them take me to the dentist and pay out money they really can not afford.   Advise please.

Posted on 06/26/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dental Plans, Toothache | 2 Comments »

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