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I need dental insurance, any reccomendations for good dental coverage in california?


I need dental insurance, any reccomendations for good dental coverage in california?  I live in Hollywood CA and I am looking for a good dental plan for myself and my two children ages five and seven.   I can afford to spend around $35 – $40 a month but not looking to go to much more then that for dental insurance.

I do not have any major dental needs but with kids I would like to get a plan that does not have long waiting periods.  What would be your reccomendations for me?

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Affordable dental insurance, I need dental insurance


So what I am looking for is dental insurance where I am not paying for my dental services in full to my dentist then having to wait to get my money back from the dental insurance company.   Right now that is how my dental insurance work that I get though work.

I am willing to drop that plan although it does pay out well so that I am not having to foot the complete bill just to get my dental services done.  What type of plan will yet me do that?

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