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Dental Benefit, Looking for cosmetic services benefits


Question: I need to have two dental implants and would like to have my teeth whiten.  Although I do have dental insurance I was told they do not cover for cosmetic which they are saying the implants are since I do not want the cheaper choice of a bridge.  Also they do not cover for any teeth whiten treatments.  My dentist told me it can be hard to find dental insurance that will cover the very dental services I am wanting.  I am really upset and I am hoping someone will have some suggestions for me.

Answer: Your dentist is correct that many dental insurance plans do not provide dental benefits for implants (mostly because of cost of implants are just too high) and other cosmetic dental services such as whitening.

There are dental discount plans that will save you around 15-20 percent off the cost of these types of services. However, you need to go to dentist that are within the dental discount plans network of providers. Dentist that will normally do these type of dental services are not easy to find within a dental discount plan but it still worth looking into.

You may also want to call your current dental insurance company up to see if they have a cosmetic rider that they can offer you that will cover these types of dental care services. That too is worth checking into if it can be offered.

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Connecticut dental insurance benefits for dental implants.


Connecticut dental insurance benefits for dental implants.  Please help and advise.  Due to an auto accident that I had three months ago I knocked out four of my front top teeth that could not be saved.Since the accident was determined my fault (which to me was not) I am stuck without any care for my teeth. 

My current dental insurance is covering me for a bridge but not implants. Since I do not want a big gap in my teeth I am getting a bridge until I can afford to get dental implants. What I would like to know is do you have any dental plans that can help me with the cost of  dental implants.  Thanks.

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Dental health care, what is the process for getting dental implants


Knowing that I need a few teeth pulled I can either get a partial or implants.   I am think more toward implants but do not really know much abou then other then you are not taking off and they look just like real teeth.

That just sound way better the fake teeth.   Are there any dental insurance or plan that will help me to get dental implants?  I asked mine and found out they really do not cover much for partials let alone implants.  Oh and  what type of dentist does implants so I can start shopping them out.

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Dental care, Are dental schools cheaper than a private practice?


I really need about two dental implants.  I have little money and I am told that my dental insurance will not cover for implants.   I got a free quote at a  dental office that it would run me around $2000.00 or more just for two implants to be done.   Would it be much cheaper if I go to a dental school for this work to be done?

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What type of dental plan do I need to get help on dental Implants


I have been searching for weeks now  on line in order to find something that can help save me money off of dental implants.   Two years ago I got into a car accident and knocked out all my front teeth top and bottoms.

Since the accident was determined to be my fault I got no help with fixing my teeth beyond my limited dental insurance plan I got though work.   I hate wearing partial top and bottom and just want to have real teeth again.

However at around a 1000.00 or more per tooth and I need 11 you can see where the cost is just too high for a regular Joe Smoe like me.    I mean I am far from being consider poor but I do not have over $11000.00 just lying  around either.

Any advise would be welcome.  I do not even mind waiting periods as long as I knew I would be covered at the end of the waiting period for the dental Implants I want.

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Dental insurance, Why is it so hard to find a good dental insurance plan


I just want a low cost dental plan that will really make a big cost difference at the dentist.  I have need of four filling and a crown.  I know this is a lot of dental work all at once but I will be keeping the dental insurance plan even after the work is done.   At that point I would guess I would not be using it all that much and they can make back their money.

Why do I have to pay so much money for dental insurance yet they are going to make me wait out waiting periods of 6 months to a year for the very dental services I need?   This does not make sense to me.  I need a good dental plan that will not do that.

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Individual Dental Insurance, reviewing the Golden West dental plan


I was reviewing your Golden West dental plan.  I do not have dental insurance right now and I live in California.  My questions are under the Golden West dental plan can I go outside their dental network or providers?

Also can I have the plan for my son and I and get the couple rate or since my son is 20 but not a full time student to I have to buy two individual plans.  Not to clear on that  please advise.  Thanks.

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