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Dental Discount plan, Reviewing the POS Careington and the 500 Carington


I notice that your web site offer two Careington dental plans one that is called Careington POS and the other that is Carington 500 series.   Can you tell me beside cost difference which is not much what are some of the other difference.  Which plan is better?  What should I know in deciding between the two plans.

Posted on 10/31/10 | by admin | in Dental Plans | 1 Comment »

Dental Discount plan, Reviewing the Denta Choice Plus discount plan.


I see that you have a dental discount plan offer though Aetna called the Denta Choice Plus plan.  My dentist told me he takes Aetna.  Would this plan work for me with staying with my current dentist?  Also is there any waiting periods.  I see it starts the next day but is that for all dental services?

Posted on 09/22/10 | by admin | in Dental Plans | 1 Comment »

Dental discount plan, Will it really help me save money


My two old son has three small cavities in his baby teeth.  I do not have dental insurance but I took my son for his first dental appointment at two as I was advise to do only to find out he has these cavities now.

I do not have the kind of money really needed to have the filling done.   I been looking for dental insurance.  But the plans I seen have a three to six months waiting period for fillings.  Will getting a dental discount plan really help save me money?

Posted on 08/31/10 | by admin | in Cavities | No Comments »

Dental Discount plan, Is buying a dental discount plan a good idea.


I have very little money and I have big teeth issues with no dental insurance to help me.   I do not have a dental school near me and going to the clinic is out of the question.  I went there before and they did not really help me and I felt like cattle to them.

My friend told me about a dental discount plan and how it would at least help me save some money off my current dental needs.  However I do not know much about dental discount plans.  Can anyone tell me more about them and how they work.

Posted on 08/06/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Plans | No Comments »

Dental Discount plan, Anyone have the Aetna Access dental discount plan


I have been reviewing your Aetna Access dental discount plan.  I understand that it is a discount plan so you are getting the discount saving from the dentist that take the plan.   I guess  this would be an alternative to having dental insurance.

I am just wondering how well does it work?  I do not want waiting periods so I noted that this plan says it starts the next busines day is that correct?  Really any additional information you can give me abou the plan would be good so I am make up my mind.

Posted on 07/05/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Plans | 1 Comment »

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