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Affordable Dental Services for Low Income Household


I am not asking for free dental work just more affordable dental work.  I live off a fixed income. But, just to go to the dental for your normal check-up, cleaning and X-ray is costing me over $175.00. I am in serious trouble if I should need any further dental care beyond the basic twice a year check up and cleaning.

Reply: Well my best suggestion to you is to get an affordable dental insurance plan such as an HMO. With a dental HMO plan in most cases you get preventive dental services for free. That put an end to you having to pay over $175.00 you are currently paying.  Also for services such as filling they are really low in cost.  Dental cost dose go up with more major dental care needs such as crowns and root canals but with insurance those services are still more affordable then without any insurance.

We see a few dental HMO plans depending on the state that you live in. I advise just entering you zip code in the quote box provided on our website so that you are able to review our dental insurance plan options that are available to you. If you should have any questions about our plans please call our member services at 310-534-3444 as we would be happy to help.

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Reviewing the Dental Health Services HMO Dental Plan.


Reviewing the  Dental Health Services  HMO Dental Plan.  I see that you have a very affordable plan called Dental Health Services  HMO.  I also saw a dental office that is near me that I can go to since I been there before I alreadly know I like the dentist.   But what am I not seeing it seems as little too good to be real and I do not want to get a plan that will not work like it says.  Advise on this plan please.

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Individual dental HMO Insurance plans in California


Individual dental HMO Insurance plans in California: I am looking for a good low cost dental insurance plans in California that has a good choice of provider to choose from and offers good benefits for their dental services.   I see you offer many HMO dental plans to choose from.  Can you help me brake them down as to which one may be the best.

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Pacificare dental HMO plan offer in California


Pacificare dental HMO plan offer in California.  Hi I am shoping out dental insurance plans and I know I will be wanting to get a dental HMO plan since they are more affordable.   I see you offer a dental plan though Pacificare that is an HMO and for the cost of the plan it seems to offer good benefits.   I will admit that I do not know much about dental insurance so can you tell me a little about how if I can Pacificare dental it would benefit me the best.

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Dental Benefits providers on HMO dental plans


Dental Benefits providers on HMO dental plans: I have be reviewing the lower cost dental HMO insurance  plans.  I am thinking about getting dental insurance since I do not have any and HMO dental plans are about all I can afford right now.

How do I make sure on an HMO dental insurance plan that I picking the best benefit provider.  I hear dentist in HMO plan can be bad compare to dental plans where you can choose your own dentist.   I do not have a current dentist but I want to make sure I picking a good plan provider.

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California Golden West dental insurance plans


California Golden West dental insurance plans.  I have questions about this dental plan.  I have never heard of this company before and niether as anyone I asked about it.  

I have tried to look up on line for reviews  or scams about this plan in fact this is how I found your web site.  Which I do note that you also sell Golden West along with another insurance company I have heard of like Delta Dental.

Since I see you see Golden West and I still like what this plan has offer in coverages and saving can you please tell me about the company and wheter or nto it is a good company.

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California dental HMO dental plans


California dental HMO dental plans:  I live in Los Angeles CA and I am looking for a dental HMO plan because I need a dental plan that does not have long term waiting periods.  I have been reviewing your Delta dental and your GoldenWest dental HMO plans I know Delta dental I had Delta Dental a long time ago though work but I do not recall it being an HMO. Which one is better to get?  Any advise?

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Florida Dental Benefit Providers in your HMO dental plans.


Dental plan Providers in Florida: I am reviewing your dental insurance plan options you have available and I am thinking that I would like to get the Delta dental HMO plan you have available in Florida.

However I wondering on the list of the plan providers since I will be getting the Delta dental plan for my husband and I can we each have a different dental provider within the plan or do we both have to have the same dental office if we buy a couple plan?   I would like a dental office that is close to home but my husband would like to go after work so some place close to his work would be better for him.    Can you advise?

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California HMO dental plans, Pacificare Dental 160 vs GoldenWest Dental 200


I found your web site after going though many others.  Some more confusing then the next and right now I am just tired and want to know out of your HMO dental insurance plans that I see you offer which one is the better one to get between the GoldenWest Dental 200 plan and the Pacificare 160 plan.  I want to get one or the other so would like some feed back.   Thanks

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