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Dental Discount plans, Checking into three plans that are in New York.


I been on your web  site on and off for a few days now.  Been shopping out dental insurance but found that I may be choosing a dental discount plan for cost factors.  Never having bought a discount plan before I am not sure which plan the best out of the three you have listed for the state of  New York.  Can you tell me a little bit more about discount plans and how they work and whatever else I should know

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Dental discount plans, having a filling done


I  have this cavity that I know about for some time.  I do not have much money but would like to get it fixed.   I do not want to spend a bunch of money on dental insurance when I should be getting my dental insurance with my job in another few months. Will getting a dental discount plan really save me money off a filling and how would I really know?

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Dental Discount Plans, need dental help for a toothache


One of my back teeth have been hurting on and off for a long time.  I have been putting off going to the dentist just because  I do not have much extra money.  I also do not like going to the dentist not so much that I am afraid of them or anything.

I just do not like how the dentist I have been to treated me.  I had nothing but rude dentist that seem to me they just want to get me in and out as fast as they can.  My problem is the pain in my tooth is increasing more and more and I am not sure how much longer I can put up with it.

When buying a dental discount plan how does it work?  How do I know I am truly getting the discount the plan says I will?  How do I pick out a good dentist?  One that hopefully not a rude jerk.

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Dental discount plans, Anyone know if they really help you save money on dental services.


I have been seeing more and more dental discount plans comin up.  I need to help reduce my dental cost and I can not really afford dental insurance.  I live in NY were insurance is very costly and you have to deal with waiting periods.

Discount plans seems to good to be true.  Do they really help you save that much on dental services?  I see the discount saving listed but will the dentist give you those prices or can they just still charge you whatever  they want?

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Dental discount plans, Looking to replace my fake teeth


I currently have top and bottom dentures.  I have them now for four years but they never really fit right and I think they are cheaply made.   I want to replace them but my dental insurance will not let me do that for another three years.

Will a discount plan replace my dentures?  I do not want to put up with them for another three months let alone three years.  However they are not cheep and I could use whatever help I can get.
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