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Dental Insurance Benefits, in Multiple States


I am looking for an Individual dental insurance plan that would be available in multiple states.  I am a driver and I am in many different states.  I would like a plan that I would be able to use regardless of where in the US I am be in at the time.   Since I am all over the place it not about staying wih one dentist other wise I would just get a plan where I live.  Is there anything that would fit my need.

Posted on 09/26/10 | by admin | in Dental Insurance | 3 Comments »

Dental Insurance Benefits, What are UCR fees


So I have a PPO dental plan I get though work.  I really hate using it since it seems every time I go to the dentist I think my bill is going to be one charge but by the time the dentist sends me the billing it is more then I thought it was going to be.

This is getting me upset I called the dental insurance company and I am told that my dentist is over the UCR fees.  That can happen whenever I go outside their network of providers.  Why is that the case.  I thought I can go to my own dentist but when I do I get hit by additional charges.  This does not seem fair to me.

Posted on 07/29/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance | 2 Comments »

Dental Insurance Benefits, Do seniors get any dental benefits


My mom is 74 and has all her teeth.  She get health benefits but it does not seem as if she gets anything for her teeth care.  I do not understand why her dental care is not included with her medicare.

She does not have any major dental needs but I do not want her to get any in the future and I know she as not seen a dentist for at least a year now.  If it helps we live in AZ.  What can I do for my mom dental care?

Posted on 07/20/10 | by admin | in Cleaning, Dental Help, Dental Insurance | No Comments »

Dental Insurance Benefits, Braces and bleeding gums


I am new to getting braces.  Since I am 24 I got one of your dental discount plans a while back.  Anyway I have metal braces since they were more affordable to me.   I just got them on three days ago but my teeth are still sore and my mouth is all scratched up.

My gums seem raw and bleed when I brush my teeth which is somthing they did not do before getting the braces.  How much longer will it take for me to adjust to wear braces?  Well I always have sore teeth?  Just wondering it not like I can take them off now but would love some helpful information.

Posted on 06/24/10 | by admin | in Braces, Dental Help | 3 Comments »

Dental Insurance Benefits, What is the difference between porcelain and metal crowns


I am having to get a crown and my dental insurance states they cover for full metal and porcelain fused to metal crowns.   My dentist said he would do either and a corse the full metal crown are more more affordable for me.

The tooth that I need a crown on is all the way in back on one of  my back molars.   I am really do not care about it being metal since no one really going to see it anyway.  But beyond just what they look like is there other differences that I should know of before making my choice.

Posted on 06/21/10 | by admin | in Crowns, Dental Help | 2 Comments »

Dental Insurance Benefits, Lost my crown then broke my tooth.


I had a root canal done three years ago.  Around two month the crown they put on that tooth came off.  I made an dental appointment for them to put the crown back on but something came up and I did not make the appoint and had to put it off.

My problem is that I think I cracked my tooth when I was eating and now I scared that the dentist may need to pull it or something.  Can the dentist just put the crown back on?  I have dental insurance but if I have to get a new crown then it would be better for me to wait for two more months when my policy term rolls over and I get the full 1500.00 max.  Can I wait that long

Advise plaase not sure what to do.

Posted on 06/17/10 | by admin | in Crowns, Root Canal | 2 Comments »

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