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Dental Insurance Coverages, Does dental insurance cover for sealants


My five year old has weak tooth enamel  and therefore can get cavities easier then normal.  I do not have current dental insurance but am in the process of looking for some for both my son and I.

Since I know my son has weak tooth enamel I want to get dental insurance that will cover him to have dental sealants done.   I think that is the only way to really protect his teeth from getting cavities so easily.

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Dental insurance coverages, Dental claims


So I have a dental PPO plan I get though my job.  What I do not understand is how my dental insurance states my coverages are one thing but when a claim is filed the number so not add up.  For an example of what I me.  Not that long ago I had a large filling and a crown put on.  The filling coverages where to be at 80 percent paid.  Which it was so that was fine

However the crown I got cot $1000.00 and my plan said that it paid out 50 percent for the cost of a crown.  Straight forward math right I should only have to pay 500.00 which was my 50 percent.  Now I get the billing from the dental office stating the insurance company only paid out 450.00 so my cost is $550.00 now it is only $50.00 more but this happens quite a lot. What should I do about this?

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Dental Insurance Coverages, Getting two root canals and crowns done


My mom needs to have two root canals and two crowns done.  She does not have good dental insurance and can not afford to have this dental work done.  She was quoted $2137.00 and that is with her insurance.

Please advise what she can do to have this dental work done at a much lower rate.  I am willing to help her with the cost but even I do not have 2137.00 laying around.  She needs to have this dental work done ASAP since she is in some pain over this.

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Dental Insurance Coverages, False teeth needed


I have had bad teeth most of my life.  At only 38 I have very few teeth left.  The ones I do have should still bother me from time to time.  I would like to get the pulled and get top and bottom dentures. I hate not having teeth but worse then that is have all bad teeth.

I have all many different insurance plans that say they will not cover me for dentures because I have already missing teeth.  Where can I go for help with this issue.  I can not keep eating and live life with the few bad teeth I have left.  I want dentures so that I can finally just have nice looking teeth.

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