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New York Dental Care, Can Your Dentist Help Your Headaches

Monday, May. 16th 2011 6:40 AM

I have been having on and off again headaches and my doctors have not found any reason for my headaches.   However one did ask when was the last time I seen a dentist.  I been to the dentist but not regularly  though I do know that I have not cavities.   My doctor told me I should see a dentist I feel I being push off to someone else.  How can a dentist help with headaches?




Posted on Monday, May. 16th 2011 6:40 AM | by admin | in Dental Benefit Providers | 2 Comments »

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New York Dental Care, Can Your Dentist Help Your Headaches

  1. Carol Says:

    No you are not being pushed off to someone else. Good for your doctor to suggest another way of trying to find out why you are having headaches.

    You may feel you do not have any cavities but maybe you grind your teeth at night, Or have an incorrect bite issue going one these are reason why you could also have a headache.

    I say you should see a dentist just because it been a while anyway but why not ask about the headache issue to your dentist and see what they may be able to advise.

  2. Robert Says:

    I have and dealing with TMJ issues and believe me headache are just part of the side effects from TMJ. I am not saying this is what you have but it worth looking into.

    I think your doctor is trying to help you and since they do not see any reason for why you have headaches he referring you to see a dentist so you can rule that in or out

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