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Virginia Dental Insurance Benefits, Braces and bleeding gums


Virginia Dental Insurance Benefits, Braces and bleeding gums:  I have few issues going on that I would like some help with.  One I would like to have braces to fix an over bite.  However I am 25 and finding it hard to get dental insurance for  adult orthodontic care. 

Second: I seen a dentist about braces once before and was told I would need treatment on my gums first.  I have bleeding gums when I brush and was told I had the starting of  gingivitis.  I was advise I would need a deep cleaning before getting braces.

So between the deep cleaning and having braces without insurance the cost is just all to much for me.  I need help in finding a plan that will work for my current dental needs.

Posted on 01/27/11 | by admin | in Braces | 2 Comments »

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