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Dental care, Is nail biting bad for your teeth


Dental care, Is nail biting bad for your teeth?  I have a really bad habit of biting my nails.  I been a nail biter for as long as I can remember.  Some people try and tell me it is bad for my teeth. I take care of my teeth and have no cavities so I think they are just making it up but can you advise.

Posted on 01/31/11 | by admin | in Dental Help | 4 Comments »

Dental care, Help I burned the roof of my mouth


Dental care, Help I burned the roof of my mouth.  I really am in a great deal of pain I burned the roof of my mouth really bad.  I already got this really big blister on the roof of my mouth.  Please advise on how to stop the pain is needed.   I worried this is going  to be hurting me for days.

Posted on 01/21/11 | by admin | in Dental Help | No Comments »

Dental care, Brownish Blackish teeth need help


My little sister never really took care of her teeth.  She does not have dental insurance and although she works she does not have much extra money.  I am not sure why she been putting of her teeth for so long but the fact is a few of the front teeth have brownish/blackish spots on them.

They just really look bad and has to work with people at her job.  She is at the point where she like to see a dentist but still says she can not afford to go.  I like to help her but I am not going to pay for her to go to the dentist.   However if there are any useful suggestions you can give me so I can pass them on to her.  She alway taking about how bad her teeth are and how she want to fix then.

Posted on 11/21/10 | by admin | in Dental Help | 3 Comments »

Dental care, Small baby looking teeth.


I hate my teeth.  Although I have all my adult teeth in they look like baby teeth they are so small.  I have a small mouth so that may be part of the reason why but I do not like smiling much and not at all in photos because I do not like the way my teeth look in them.

Is there anyway to make my teeth look normal?  I want to have nice teeth.  I know it may be consider cosmetic since there is nothing wrong with my teeth beside the size of them but I am willing to pay for the cost myself if I knew where to turn to.

Posted on 11/18/10 | by admin | in Dental Help | 2 Comments »

Dental care, Never put a crown over a finished root canal?


About three years ago I had a root canal done.   At the time the dentist put a temporary crown on.  I was to go back to get a real crown but I never did because it took all the money I had to have the root canal work done.

I still have the silver temporary crown on and I wanted to know if it too late to get dental insurance so that I can have a real crown put on?  The tooth does not hurt and the temporary seem still fine but it is silver so it would be nice to have a white crown that looks like  tooth.

Posted on 11/12/10 | by admin | in Crowns | No Comments »

Dental care, How can I get rid of yellow teeth


I have really yellow teeth and I really want to have white teeth like most everyone else has.  I brush my teeth and go to the dentist I do not have any cavities just really yellowish looking teeth.  What can I do that is cheap but will whiten my teeth really fast?  My mom will not pay for whiten treatment at the dentist so that is not an options for me.

Posted on 11/07/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | No Comments »

Dental care, Are dental schools cheaper than a private practice?


I really need about two dental implants.  I have little money and I am told that my dental insurance will not cover for implants.   I got a free quote at a  dental office that it would run me around $2000.00 or more just for two implants to be done.   Would it be much cheaper if I go to a dental school for this work to be done?

Posted on 10/24/10 | by admin | in Dental Implants | 3 Comments »

Dental Care, Trying to whiten my teeth are hurting my gums


I am 19 but I been drinking coffee since I was only 13.  I have healthy teeth but worry about them not staying white with my coffee drinking.  A friend of my said I should start brushing with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda since this would not only whiten my teeth but keep them white.

I started doing what was suggested and it works really well but now in some areas my gum hurt at the teeth line.   Also my gums turn white for a short time but I was guessing that had to do with the hydrogen peroxide.  I do not know if I am brushing too hard or what.   Should I change to a softer toothbrush?

Posted on 10/20/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | 1 Comment »

Dental care, Why dont dentist give their costs to you up front.


Every time I go to a dentist they never just tell me my cost up front it is always lets see your insurance first then we will tell you the cost.  Why do that do that?  Is it so they can charge you more if you have dental insurance?   Are their charges different depending on your insurance this does not make sense to me.  How are you to shop out dentist when they do not want to tell you their cost for services.

Posted on 10/16/10 | by admin | in Complaints | 2 Comments »

Dental care, dental insurance, for a cleft palate


My son was born with a cleft palate.  It is not an extreme case but he will still need to get it fixed.  My medical insurance will be taking care of that.  My question is two parts.

First is there any more dental care that needs to be given to a child with a cleft palate?  He does not yet have his teeth in but would like some idea about it.

Also I am currently shopping out dental insurance and I am not sure if my son cleft palate will be an issue or not for me with regards to dental insurance.

Posted on 09/23/10 | by admin | in Dental Help | 2 Comments »

Dental care, Do you have to have an oral surgeon to pull out teeth


I have dental insurance but it does not cover for me to go to any specialist.  However I have two really bad teeth that I just want pulled out.  I already had root canals in these teeth and they do not take. Do I have to go to an oral surgeon to have the teeth pulled?  Can I just have a general dentist pull them so that I will be covered under my dental plan?

Posted on 09/12/10 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | 2 Comments »

Dental care, where do you go to get a good dentist.


I have not luck with dentist or dental office.  I have dental insurance where I can see whatever dentist I want too.  However I either find that I do not care for the dentist.  Or when I do like the dentist the dental office staffing is so bad that I still do not like going to them.

What does one have to do to find a dentist without a bad attitude or with a good front office staffing?  This is becoming a big issue for me.  How do I pick a good dentist office with staffing that know how to process out claims?

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Posted on 07/27/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance | 1 Comment »

Dental care, Nail bitting


Okay this may seem like a silly question but I need some help.  I am a nail biter and I got this little peace of nail stuck in between my teeth and gum.  It really hurts  a lot but I can not seem to get it out.  I tried again and again rinsing my mouth out with warm water but it is not working. Please what can I do to get it out?

Posted on 06/30/10 | by admin | in Dental Help | 2 Comments »

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