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Dental Benefit – Abscessed Tooth.


Question: How do I know if I have an dental abscessed? I been having this pain behind my last tooth on the bottom right side of my mouth.  When I try and look in my mouth it does seem to be redder then normal.  Also I can feel a little bump that was not there before.  I am not sure if it is a wisdom tooth coming out since I never had mine pulled.  Or if it is a dental abscess.  Before I just go to the dentist since I do not have a lot of money I would like to have some idea what it is.  I do not want to go to the dentist over nothing. 

Answer: An abscessed is normally a painful infection at the root of the tooth or sometimes it is in between the gum and the tooth. You can get an abscessed tooth due to untreated tooth decay. However you can also get an abscessed if you have trauma to your tooth, such as braking or chipping your tooth, or if you have gum disease or gingivitis.  If you think you have a abscessed tooth it is very important that you see your dentist right away. The abscessed or an infection may spread from the tooth root to the bone causing a much large oral health issue. If you need dental insurance there are many affordable dental plan available that can address your dental needs.

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Dental health care, abscessed tooth


I have an abscessed tooth that is just killing me.   There is no way I can have a root canal because they want $1500.00 plus crown cost and there no possible way I can afford that.  I would like to know if I go to the dentist just to have the tooth pulled.  Well it really effect my other teeth all that much?  The tooth I want to pull is in the back.

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