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Dental insurance coverage for gingivitis deep cleanings.


My dentist told me I have gingivits and need to have treatment that include deep cleanings.  Up until now I just paid cash for my basic dental care.   However this deep cleaning is very expensive.  I live in Florida and would like to get a dental plan that can help me out with the cost.  I do not want to continue to have bad gums.

Posted on 11/15/10 | by admin | in Gingivitis | No Comments »

Dental health care, Gingivitis what is it and how is it treated


My mom is being told by the dentist she has Gingivitis and needs to have deep cleaning and follow up cleaning like four times a year.  My mom does not speak or understand English well.  Every day talk yes but not this dental stuff.

She does not know what Gingivitis really is.  And why she needs to have so many cleaning on her teeth if Gingivitis has something to do with gums.   Her dental insurance is good but not going to pay for everything she wants to make sure she is not being told a story.

Posted on 10/23/10 | by admin | in Gingivitis | 2 Comments »

Dental and oral health care, I think I may have Gingivitis


How do I know if I have gingivitis?   I do brush twice a day and floss most days but lately my gums have been red and sore.  They also bleed a little when I am brushing my teeth.  I am not sure why this has been starting in but my friend told me it could be that I have gingivitis.  Is that possible?

Posted on 09/11/10 | by admin | in Gingivitis | 2 Comments »

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