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New York Dental Insurance Benefits, My crown came off then I broke my tooth.


New York Dental Insurance Benefits, My crown came off then I broke my tooth.  About four year ago I had a root canal done in a back molar bottom left side of my mouth.   Two months our the crown the dentist put on the tooth came off.  I meant to go to the dentist to have it put back on but do to time and money issue I did not go.

I figured I would go when I had the extra money to see the dentist and I would just be careful.  And even though I was trying to be careful I think I many have cracked that tooth while I was eating.  My tooth does not hurt but now I am really worried about having to have the tooth pulled or something.  I have no dental insurance and the plans I seen will make me have a waiting period.    Not sure what to do at this point.  Do you have any plans that can help me now?

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New York Dental Insurance Benefits


Were can I get dental insurance for an individual that lives in New York.   I see many different dental discount plans but they will not work for me since my dentist was clear that they did not accept dental discount plans only PPOs or dental insurance that will let me go to any dentist I choose.  

Staying with my current dentist is important to me and I do not want to change providers just to have a dental plan.  Do you offer the type of dental insurance that I need?

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