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Dental Benefit, Tooth Fillings of The Future May Incorporate Bioactive Glass


A few years from now millions of people around the world might be walking around with an unusual kind of glass in their mouth, and using it every time they eat.   Engineers at Oregon State University have made some promising findings about the ability of “bioactive” glass to help reduce the ability of bacteria to attack composite tooth fillings – and perhaps even provide some of the minerals needed to replace those lost to tooth decay.

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What Should You Do if A Dental Filling Fall Out


Filling do at times fall out, however it is rarely an emergency when they do. If one of your filling should come out make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to fix it but don’t feel like you need to get in at the same day if that is not possible.

*  If you can reach the sensitive area, apply a little clove oil with a cotton swab. It works well to dull tooth pain. You can buy clove oil in pharmacies and also in the spice aisle of many supermarkets.

*   If you have lost the filling, you can use over-the-counter dental cement to cover the tooth surface. This will help to protect and seal the area until you are able see your dentist.

Remember just because losing a filling may not be an dental emergency, dose not mean you should put off getting it fixed as soon as possible.  Waiting too long to have your dentist fix your filling dose put that too at risk of braking as well as being open to decay.

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Georgia Dental Health Care, Dental filing fell out.


Georgia Dental Health Care, Dental filing fell out.  My fiances filling fell out yesterday.  He has dental insurance but the dentist that he has to go to is only open during business hours.  In which case my fiance will not call out sick to work to get a new filling put in.

Since he has only had the job for three months he thinks it too soon to be taking days off from work. I understand but I do not think it is a good to not have his tooth fixed right away.  How long can he wait on fixing his filling any advise on getting him to go?

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Pennsylvania Dental Care, Getting a dental filling.


Pennsylvania Dental Care, Getting a dental filling:   I am wanting to know what it is like to have a dental filling done.   I am a little scared about having on but I was told by my dentist that I do have a small cavity that should be filled as soon a possible so it will not get any worse.

I have never had a cavity before in my adult teeth before and this is upsetting to me.  This will be my first filling ever so I am not sure want to expect.   Will getting a filling hurt?  How long does it take to have a filling done?  

I also do not have dental insurance since I always paid cash for my cleanings but now I am thinking I should get some insurance after all this is done so what do you have that will let me keep my dentist?  Thanks for your help.

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Dental Health care, Getting a shot by a dentist to have filling done


So I have never been to a dentist that I can recall in my whole life.  I just turned 18 and I went into the dentist for a check up and cleaning with my 20 year old brother.  He was helping me pay for the dental visit.

I found out I had  10 cavities.  My brother who when he first was able to see the dentist had four cavities and told me the shot they had to give him to numb is gums hurt.   I am not scared of going to the dentist and having the filling done but I do not want to have any shots.

The though of having a shot in my gums is freaking me out, and I do not want to have a dentist do that.  Is there any way I can just be put to sleep instead of having shots in my gums?

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Individual dental insurance needed for a few fillings


I have three small cavities at least that was what I am being told by the dentist.  I do not have any current dental insurance but until not it was really not an issue.  I went into this office since they offer no office charge and really low cost X-rays and basic cleaning.

Now I being told I need to have filling and it is no longer so low costly.   The dental office staffing told me it too late to really get insurance since most plans have waiting periods up to six or more months and I should really not wait that long to have the filling done.

I feeling pressured into having the work done ASAP.  I made an appointment for next week but now sure if I should keep it or not.  Would love some advise.

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Had a dental cavity filled when well the numbess go away


I just had a filling done in one of my back molars.  This is the first time I ever had anything more then just a cleaning.   Well anyone it has been an hour and a half and my mouth in that area is still very numb.

When will the numbness go away?  My dentist told me not to eat until I had feeling so that I would not bite my cheek or tongue.  However I did not eat before going to the dentist and I am getting hungry.

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