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Dental Benefits Providers, Dental Health Care, Cavities and Novocaine shots


Dental Benefits Providers, Dental Health Care, Cavities and Novocaine shots:  I have dental fears of getting shots.   I know I need to have a filling for this cavity on a back tooth but I hate having to have shots which makes me not want to go to the dentist for a filling.  What can I do about this?  Can a dentist do  a filling with out shots?

Posted on 01/30/11 | by admin | in Dental Fear | 1 Comment »

Dental fears, Going to the dentist makes me sick need help


I have such a fear of going to the dentist I have not seen one in over five years.  I have good teeth as far as I know since I do make sure I brush and floss daily.  However my fears keep me from seeing a dentist and I know I should still go for a check up some times at least.

I just do not know how to get over my fears.  Then last time I tried going to the dentist I got sick and starting dry heaving to the point that I had to leave without being seen.  Any suggestions for me that can help me relax.

Posted on 11/08/10 | by admin | in Dental Fear | No Comments »

Dental health care, where to go when your child has dental fears


Hello, I have a seven year old daughter that has very bad dental fears.  She fights every time I have to take her to the dentist.  She will not let the dentist work on her teeth even to do a cleaning.  I even had to leave one dental office because she would not behave.

I do not understand this fear.  I am not sure where it coming from she never had more then a basic cleaning done.  Right now her teeth are okay but I am running out of dentist that I can go to with her.

Where can I go and take her where the dentist can handle such a child?   I will not stop taking her to the dentist but truthfully I am really embarrass by her and her behavior.  She is only like that with the dentist other wise she is a really well behaved child.

Posted on 09/03/10 | by admin | in Dental Fear | No Comments »

Dental Insurance, Dental care, I need a root canal


Help I need a root canal and I am freeking out about it.  I do not want to have it done but the dentist told me it is the only way to save the tooth and to stop it from hurting all the time.

I do not have dental insurance that will pay for me to have a root canal since it need to be done by a speicalist.  So is there anything that can help me with the cost of having a root canal?

Also I am scared about having it done.  I really am not good with dentist.  I am okay for a cleaning but anything more then that and I get upset.  Since I never had a root canal before can anyone tell me it it hurt to have one done?

Posted on 06/29/10 | by admin | in Dental Fear, Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Root Canal | 2 Comments »

Dental Care, What is it like to have a dental filling done


I am a liltle worried I was just told by my dentist that I have a small cavity in one of my back molars. I have never had a cavity before so this is upsetting news to me.  My dentist set up an appointment to come back to have the filling done in a week from now.

Since I never had any cavities before I do not know what it is like to get a filling.  Is it scary?  Does it hurt a lot to have done?  How long will I be in pain for?

Posted on 06/19/10 | by admin | in Cavities, Dental Fear, Dental Help | 2 Comments »

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