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Florida Dental Health Care, Tooth extraction and smoking


Florida Dental Health Care, Tooth extraction and smoking:  I am a smoker and I do need to have four teeth pulled out.  I have the appointment in a week from now.  I was told by a few people that I will not be able to smoke after having my teeth pulled.  Is that true?  If so why and for how long must I wait until I can smoke again?   Thanks

Posted on 01/28/11 | by admin | in Extractions | 3 Comments »

Dental health care, extraction done two days ago and I am still bleeding


I had two back molars pulled  two days ago.  I am wondering if it is normal to still be bleeding off and on two days later?  It not real bad but I thought I should be done with bleeding by now.  How can I heal faster?

Posted on 11/09/10 | by admin | in Extractions | No Comments »

Dental Help needed, for a root canal and a tooth extraction


My hubby does not have good teeth.  He needs to have at least one tooth pulled and another needs to have a root canal and a crown done.  He does not like going to the dentist but knows he needs to.  We do not have dental insurance now and uses that as a reason not to get the needed dental work.

I would like to get a low cost dental insurance or plan that can help us with is current dental needs.  This way I can make him go to the dentist and he will not have any more excuses as to why he can not.

Posted on 10/17/10 | by admin | in Extractions | 3 Comments »

Wisdom teeth extraction, Need a low cost dental plan


I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted.  I am twenty-four and still have all my wisdom teeth. My general dentist told me I should at least pull the top two since they show signs of coming in wrong.  I talked to my dental insurance company and they will not cover a bony extraction.

I need a low cost dental plan that can at least help me out with the cost of pulling my wisdom teeth can you please advise?

Posted on 09/10/10 | by admin | in Extractions | 1 Comment »

Dental health care, abscessed tooth


I have an abscessed tooth that is just killing me.   There is no way I can have a root canal because they want $1500.00 plus crown cost and there no possible way I can afford that.  I would like to know if I go to the dentist just to have the tooth pulled.  Well it really effect my other teeth all that much?  The tooth I want to pull is in the back.

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Posted on 07/21/10 | by admin | in Crowns, Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Extractions, Toothache | 3 Comments »

Dental Health care, Need low costs dental service for major dental work


Where can I go to get major dental work done at a low cost??   I do not have dental insurance and a dental discount plan is not cutting it for me.  I bought AmeriPlan thinking it may help and it not like I did not get any discount saving they just was not enough.

I need several  teeth pulled, then I will need to have implants or at least a bridge put in.  AmeriPlan really only help me with the office visit, X-rays and treatment plan.  But for what the dentist told me I needed even with the 20 percent discount they said they were giving me I could still never afford the dental work.

I am not putting the plan down it just does not work for me.  I need dental help. Where can I go to either get free to low cost dental work done?
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Posted on 07/08/10 | by admin | in Bridges, Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Extractions | 2 Comments »

Dental Health Care, Tooth extraction and smoking how long do you have to wait


I just had four teeth pulled and I am a smoker.  I know I am not allowed to smoke right after having my teeth pulled, but I forgot to find out for how long.  I can go a day but do I have to wait much longer then a day? I smoke almost with out thinking so it would be hard for me to just stop for a long period of time.  Can you please advise.

Posted on 06/25/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Extractions | 4 Comments »

Dental care, Wisdom tooth extraction dental advise need


I just had all my wisdom teeth removed.  I am in pain though I have pain killers so that is helping me a little.  What I really making me sick is the taste of my own blood.  I keep bleeding on and off and it is making my stomach upset.

With the fact that I have not really eaten and the blood taste  I really going to be sick.  The gauze it slowing the bleeding down but not stopping it and the taste.  Does anyone have any ideas how to help me.

Posted on 06/23/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Extractions, Oral Surgery | 2 Comments »

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