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Dental Benefit – Why are some dental insurance plans higher in cost for people over 65


Question: I am 70 years of age.  My teeth are all in good shape and I take very good care of them.  So why is it that when I am looking for dental insurance plans many of the ones I have come across are more expensive in their monthly premium for people who are over age 65.  Not only are they more expensive,  but also offer less coverage’s.  This does not seem fair to me by any means.  Why should I have to pay more and get less.  I know people that are in their thirties that have really bad teeth and need much more dental work done, then I have ever had to have in my 70 years of living. 

Reply: I do agree with you however there are some dental insurance plans generally PPO’s that do have different rates for member older then 65 and sometime different coverage’s as well. Much like Medical or Health insurance does.  However not all dental plans do this most of your HMO dental insurance plan are not typically age rated so you may want to look in that direction when picking a dental insurance plan.  Also there are still many PPO’s plans that are not age rated or based but read PPO’s plans terms and conditions not only to confirm this but to know what limitations they may still have.

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Dental Benefit, Preventative Dentistry – Dental Benefit


The old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is never been more truer in regards to dentistry.  Preventative dentistry is relatively easy, quick, and inexpensive.  Preventive dental care first starts from home with brushing, flossing and eating a well.   By taking care of your dental health and having good dental habits you will be able to avoid larger dental issues.  However preventive dental care does not stop there.  Seeing a dentist for your twice a year check ups  is  also an important part of  your dental care health.  Only a dentist can catch small issues and correct them before larger dental care is needed.

When you combine having good oral health care habits with dental insurance,  preventive dental care cost is more affordable.  Many dental insurance plans want their insured’s to have preventive care services. Therefore preventive care is normally free to very low in cost to their members.



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Dental Benefit – Waiting Periods and Dollars Max Limits.


Question: Why do dental insurance plans have waiting periods and dollars max limits?  I am not sure I understand the reasoning behind making me buy a plan but not offering me the coverage I need for a year or sometimes longer.  Then if I do put up with that I get maxed out with a yearly limit amount.  Seems to me only the insurance company benefits from this and not the person buying the plan.  So if any one can explain how buying dental insurance really helps you with your dental costs. 

Reply: First it important to note not all dental insurance plans have such limitations.  You may want to look at HMO dental insurance plans. Normally HMO dental insurance plan do not have waiting periods or max limitations. 

However to answer your questions it seems as if you are reviewing  dental PPO plans or Indemnity insurance plans.  PPO and Indemnity dental insurance plans will normally have the limitations you spoke about.  They do this in order to pay for higher more costly dental services in the future.  One main benefit of these types of plans is that you are able to stay with or choose your own dentist which is important to many people.

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Social Consequences Associated with Gum Disease – Dental Benefit


Social Consequences Associated with Gum Disease:  Gum disease has far reaching consequences that sadly many people either over look or feel it is not a significant problem needed to be address.

Even though many people are currently suffer from various forms of gum disease, few realize how their ailment can be perceived by others. Untreated gum disease can and will create unsightly cosmetic problems like discolored gums, bleeding around the gum line and eventually tooth loss

Gum disease is a serious complication that can lead to more overlooked issues which can impact a person’s health and well being as well as even happiness.

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Dental Benefit – Senior Dental Care Habits


Brushing your teeth regularly is important in all stages of life. Seniors should take extra care with their daily dental habits in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

Brushing your teeth helps to remove bacteria that builds up on your teeth each day and contributes to tooth decay.   Though tooth decay may occur in any area of the tooth as you age decay is more likely to develop around old filling or in softer root of the tooth that may be exposed due to receding gums.  Therefore you want to maintain having regular dental visit so that he or she can keep an eye on these vulnerable area

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Senior Dental Care and Tooth Loss.


For seniors it is important to know that gum disease and not the aging process is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. By having and maintaining good oral health care habits will help you keep your gums healthy, there by in turn preventing tooth loss due to gum disease.

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Which is the better toothbrush: Electric or Manual Toothbrushes


When it comes down to which is better electric or manual toothbrushes it really just an individual preference. A person who brushes well with a manual will do as well as a person who brushes well with an electric toothbrush. You will want to choose one that you like best as that then you will be more likely to use it correctly.

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Dental Benefit – Improve Appearance with Dental Implants


Dental Implants offer many advantages one such advantage is they provide improved appearance.  Since dental implants look, feel and act like your own teeth no one would be able to tell they are not your original teeth. Dental implants are permanent and easy to take care of since they require the same daily dental habits as your real teeth.

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Does Invisalign Work – Dental Benefit


You may have heard of Invisalign , the aesthetically pleasing solution to straightening your teeth.  Invisaligns using a custom-made series of aligners that are created to fit only you.   The aligner are made plastic that is  smooth, comfortable and  best of all virtually invisible.  You simply wear over your teeth.  By wearing the aligners your teeth will gradually and gently shift  into place, based on the exact movements your orthodontist plans out for you.



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Dental Benefit – Older Adults and Their Dental Health Care.


Current studies show that older adults have a higher risk of periodontal disease and need to do more in order to maintain good oral health. It is agreed that dental health care is important at any age. However, when you take in account that almost one out of four people over age 65 have lost most to all of their teeth and that receding gums tissue affects the majority of older people, proper dental care for seniors is an issue that needs to be address.

That noted many seniors still do not get the proper dental care they need do to factors such as no means of transportation, cost of dental care (many seniors are on fixed incomes and can not afford the added expense) as well as a lack of dental insurance.  Many seniors feel they do not need dental care even though poor dental health care has been link to other over all health risk factors.

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Dental Benefit – Why you should see a dentist for regular dental check ups.


Dental check up consist of more then just X-rays and cleanings. The dentist is looking at more then whether or not you have any cavities or if you been flossing good enough. Dental check ups include oral cancer screenings. By going to the dentist for your check up the dentist or hygienist is also checking for any signs of oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a serious dental disease in which claims lives on a daily bases. However it is often highly curable if diagnosed and treated in the early stages. Many people do not have regular dental check ups due to lack of having dental benefits though their jobs and or due to cost of dental services feeling they can not afford to go to the dentist.

In some cases you can not afford not to go to the dentist. On this website in every state we offer a low cost dental plans option or options, either by offering a low cost dental insurance plans or dental discount plans. Both will make having dental care more affordable.

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Dental Benefit – Dental Cavities


Beyond a basic dental clean, one of the more common procedures a pediatric dentists performs is filling a cavity. The definition of a dental cavity, according to the Mayo Clinic is a permanently damaged area in teeth that develops into tiny holes, Untreated cavities can cause toothaches, infections, and tooth loss. The most common treatments include fluoride, fillings, and crowns

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Dental Benefit – Knowing the Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth


Severe and continuous toothache, Fever, Sensitivity to hot or cold, Having a bad taste in your mouth or having bad breath and redness or swelling of your gums. Theses are just a few symptoms to having a tooth abscess.

Note you do not need to have all of the symptoms to have a tooth abscess. I would advise seeing a dentist to confirm if it is an abscessed tooth or your wisdom tooth coming in. Either way a dentist will need to address the issues with you.

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