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Affordable dental insurance plans that offer free cleanings


I want to get a really affordable dental insurance plan that offers free X-rays and cleanings.  Since not to brag but I have perfect teeth.  So all I really need is my regular dental checkups and cleaning twice a year.   I do not want to pay for those dental services and I would like to get dental insurance that is low cost to were it make sense for me to get.

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Affordable dental services, Low income need dental work


I am not asking for free dental work just more affordable dental work.  I live off a fixed income.  Which I guess most people do now a days.  However just to go to the dental for your normal check cleaning X-ray etc.  Cost me over $175.00.

I always go to the dentist praying that I do not have anything  more that I need because I do not have the money beyond the $175.00 I scrape up.  Where can I go to have dental work done for a much cheaper price.  Tired of foking out all my saving just to have clean teeth.

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Dental Insurance Benefits, Do seniors get any dental benefits


My mom is 74 and has all her teeth.  She get health benefits but it does not seem as if she gets anything for her teeth care.  I do not understand why her dental care is not included with her medicare.

She does not have any major dental needs but I do not want her to get any in the future and I know she as not seen a dentist for at least a year now.  If it helps we live in AZ.  What can I do for my mom dental care?

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What are the Benefits to having Dental Insurance


I have very good teeth so I am really only going to the dentist twice a year for basic cleaning.  I just wondering what are the real benefits for me to buy a dental insurance plan.  I thought I would look into one since my dentist charges $168.00 for the cleaning with X-rays but only $75.00 for a cleaning.

That being the case my yearly cost so far has only been $243.00.  Since for the last three years that is all I had to have done.  So I went on line looking for dental insurance that was going to provide me free X-rays and cleaning to save the $243.00 but when the plans are going to cost me between 35 -45 a month how is that saving me anything?  On the low side I am still paying almost double the amount not getting anything.

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Affordable Dental Insurance, Maintainng your dental health helps keep dental service affordable


Part of keeping your dental cost low is just taking care of your over all oral health.  The better you maintain your teeth care the less likely you will need major dental services that can be very costly even with insurance.

The following tips will helps to maintain clean and healthy teeth for the best dental health.
– Brush teeth every day with a fluoride toothpaste for dental health maintenance.
– Floss your teeth every day for healthy gums and teeth.
– Limit sugary snacks.
– Get enough calcium.
– See your dentist on a regular basis (at least two times a year more if advised to do so by your dentist)

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Individual Dental Insurance plans, Looking for a low cost plan


I am a 24 year old working poor person.  I work two some times three part time jobs just to get buy.  I have enough for all my bills and a little extra but that is about it.  Since right now all I have are part time jobs (my main job has cut back everyone hours. ) I do not have dental insurance only a small health plan.

I am shopping out for dental insurance because I do not want to let my teeth health go by the waste side.   I need a dental insurance plan that can at least offer me free to low cost for the office visits, X-rays and cleaning.   With that said I can not afford an expensive dental plan. I am hoping to pay only $20.00 or less a month.  Is this possible?

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Individual dental insurance needed.


I do not have any real issues with my teeth and in fact just seen the dentist only about two months ago.  However I had to pay for everything since I do not have dental insurance.  I am just looking for a cheap low cost dental plan for an individual.

Any cheap that will pay for my office visit, X-rays and cleaning 100 percent.  The rest I do not care about since I have good teeth and take really good care of them.   I really do not see me worrying about having to have any need for major dental work.

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Dental care, What non prescription toothpaste has the most Fluoride?


What is the best non prescription toothpastes with the most fluoride?  I want the strongest toothpaste.  I have no cavities but in the past I use to get cavities pretty easy.  I want a strong toothpaste that will make sure I continue to not get any new cavities.  What is the best toothpaste for that?

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How do i get rid of calcium spots on my teeth?


You may wish to consult a Cosmetic Specialist. I have taken the opportunity to provide a brief description of what Cosmetic Dentistry is, as noted below.

Dental Insurance – Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry may help you to get your best smile at any age. One of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures to a perfect smile is bonding. Cosmetic dental bonding is a fairly painless procedure usually performed in one dental visit by applying an enamel like material to your teeth which is then shaped, hardened with a special light and polished.
For a more dramatic smile, porcelain veneers can make a drastic difference. With veneers, you can control the color, position, shape, and size of your new teeth which can correct crooked, worn, or chipped teeth. This procedure can cost between $1,200 – $3,500 per tooth.

Cosmetic dentistry insurance coverage is not afforded by most dental insurance companies. If you are with a group dental insurance company through your employer, you may want to inquire if cosmetic dentistry insurance coverage is provided under your dental plan.

Cosmetic dental coverage is normally provided by discount dental plans. Discount dental plans usually cover 15 to 20 percent of the cosmetic dental care cost.


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