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Rhode Island individual dental insurance care for extractions and dentures


Rhode Island individual dental insurance care for extractions and dentures:  My teeth are just total messed up I missing a few teeth about two teeth are half gone since I broke them a while back ago. 

What I teeth I do have left are not nice looking and at this point I just want all my teeth pulled and be fitted for dentures.  I hate having bad teeth all the time and I am looking for dental insurance to help me with the cost.  What do you have that can save me money the best.

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Golden West dental HMO insurance plan and dentures


Golden West dental HMO insurance plan and dentures:   Can you please advise me about new dentures?   I have old dentures that need to be replaced.  My old denture are ill fitting and they really can not be adjusted any more.  My dentist told me it is time for new ones.  I reviewed a few of your plans and think that the GoldenWest dental 200 plan looks like the best one for me.  However my dentist told me to make sure denture would be covered since they would be replacements.

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California dental plan GoldenWest dental


I would like to get new top and bottom dentures.  I had my current ones now for over eight years.  They are ill fitting and  one of the back tooth fell out a while ago.   I do not want the repaired and adjusted since I think they are just too old.

I see that you show the cost for dentures but I want to make sure that I would be covered if I got the GoldenWest dental plan 200.  Would you please advise before I buy.   Thank you

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How much of a saving do you get for dentures on a discount dental plan


Do not have dental insurance and I have no teeth to be bother about buying any.  However my denture are getting old and a little ill fitting.  It would be nice to have them fitted or to get new ones if need be.

So if I have to buy new ones or pay for repairs then it be nice to save some money.  What kind of saving do you normally get for this type of dental work with a dental discount plan.   Would it be worth picking up one?

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Affordable dental insurance for new dentures


I live in CA and I have my old denture now for ten years.   They are just old and getting to the point were they do not fit well.  I would like to have new ones but now sure if dental insurance would cover anything toward the cost of having dentures?   Can you advise me  on what plans that you have will help me the best.

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Need Full Dentures, Looking for an Affordable dental plan


I have some really old denture over ten years.  They are ill fitting and my dentist I take them too told me I really should get new detures.   As much as I would like to get fitted for new dentures I really can not afford them.

Since it not like I seeing the dentist all the time I do not have dental insurance.   Are there any dental insurance plans that can help me with the cost of dentures?

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Dental discount plans, Looking to replace my fake teeth


I currently have top and bottom dentures.  I have them now for four years but they never really fit right and I think they are cheaply made.   I want to replace them but my dental insurance will not let me do that for another three years.

Will a discount plan replace my dentures?  I do not want to put up with them for another three months let alone three years.  However they are not cheep and I could use whatever help I can get.
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Posted on 07/24/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Plans, Dentures | 2 Comments »

Need dental insurance to help me get replacement teeth.


I am in need of dental insurance so that I can get new dentures.  For my top and bottom.  My old dentures are just too old and are braking apart.  I have had them now over ten years.  I do not have dental insurance since I had no teeth but now that I need replacement dentures what can you advise for me to get?

Posted on 07/06/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dentures | 5 Comments »

Dental Insurance for dentures


Dental Insurance – Dentures

There are plenty of dental insurance plans that will cover dentures, but you need to plan ahead. Many but not all dental insurance plans have waiting periods from 6-18 months.

As an example: Replacing teeth with dentures is classified as major dental services. The average benefit is 50% co-insurance for your dentures. Dentures are covered by some dental discounts dental plans. Remember discount dental plans are not insurance dental plan.

What happens when you get dentures?

Full or partial dentures replace your teeth when you have lost your natural teeth, from periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury. They will help your appearance and your health including support for facial muscles sag which makes a person look older. Dentures normally take one month and 4-5 appointments which include the initial exam, wax bite impressions, and final denture adjustments.

Posted on 07/04/10 | by carol | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dentures | 1 Comment »

Dental Insurance Coverages, False teeth needed


I have had bad teeth most of my life.  At only 38 I have very few teeth left.  The ones I do have should still bother me from time to time.  I would like to get the pulled and get top and bottom dentures. I hate not having teeth but worse then that is have all bad teeth.

I have all many different insurance plans that say they will not cover me for dentures because I have already missing teeth.  Where can I go for help with this issue.  I can not keep eating and live life with the few bad teeth I have left.  I want dentures so that I can finally just have nice looking teeth.

Posted on 07/03/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Dentures | 3 Comments »

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