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Pennsylvania dental health care, teeth pain need help


Pennsylvania dental health care, teeth pain need help.  I have all my wisdom teeth in but only my two bottom one are really starting to hurt me.  I do not think they have fully came in like the top ones did.

They mostly hurt when I eat so I do my best not to chew in the back so they do not hurt as much.  I guessing that they may need to be pulled but I do not have dental insurance nor money to have them pulled.  Please do you have any dental plans that can help me quickly as possible? Or do you know where I can have them pulled for a low cost?

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Pennsylvania dental health care


My brother lives in Pennsylvania and he just got laid off from his job. It looks like he will be able to get a new one but it does not offer any dental benefits like his last one did.  I am trying to help him find a low cost dental health plan he can afford to get on his own. 

He see the dentist when he has the insurance but without any I know he will not be bothered going.  Can you advise a good dental plan for someone that has pretty good teeth right now?

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