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Major dental care needed in Maine, need a good dental plan.


Major dental care needed in Maine, need a good dental plan.  I need to have Oral Surgery.  At least four teeth need to be pulled and I will need to have a bridge or partial put in I would guess.  I know I do not want to have gaps.   I have do not have any current dental benefits but having bad teeth is starting to effect every day living and how I feel.  I need help finding a good dental plan so having the dental work I need will be affordable.

Posted on 04/27/11 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | 1 Comment »

Dental insurance benefits for two extractions


I need to have two teeth pulled.  One for sure since it is partly gone anyway and one that is just really hurting me so I guessing it needs to be pulled.  If I get dental insurance how will I know what my benefits are for this type of dental service.

Seems to me like there are a few different extractions and the plans I seen also say it would be more costly to me if I have to go to a specialist to have the teeth pulled.  How will I know this?  I do not want to get a dental plan and still not be able to afford the dental care.

Posted on 12/01/10 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | No Comments »

Dental insurance benefits for Oral Surgery


My son will be needing to have all is wisdom teeth pulled.   It does not have to be done now but with in the next year or two.  I already know that my current dental plan we have though my husband job does not cover for an Oral surgeon.

My son will need to see an Oral surgeon to have the teeth pull since the general dentist does not pull out wisdom teeth.   is there any dental insurance plans I could pick up that will cover for an oral surgeon?  I do not mind waiting periods as long as the coverage I get will be worth the waiting period of the plan.

Posted on 11/04/10 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | No Comments »

Need dental insurance that covers Oral Surgery


my daughter needs to have all four wisdom teeth removed by an Oral Surgeon.   My current dental insurance only covers for extraction done at a general dentist.  Just found this out today.  My daughter needs to have these  teeth pulled out soon so looking for dental insurance that can help me with the cost.

Posted on 10/22/10 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | 1 Comment »

Dental care, Do you have to have an oral surgeon to pull out teeth


I have dental insurance but it does not cover for me to go to any specialist.  However I have two really bad teeth that I just want pulled out.  I already had root canals in these teeth and they do not take. Do I have to go to an oral surgeon to have the teeth pulled?  Can I just have a general dentist pull them so that I will be covered under my dental plan?

Posted on 09/12/10 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | 2 Comments »

Dental health care, Wisdom teeth extraction


So I had my wisdom teeth removed a day ago and I am in a great deal of pain.  I can not eat and my mouth hurts.  I am doing what the dentist told me to do which is rinsing out with warm water.  But how long should I have to deal with this pain?  Advile is not really cutting it so please advise.

Posted on 08/02/10 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | 1 Comment »

Dental care, Wisdom tooth extraction dental advise need


I just had all my wisdom teeth removed.  I am in pain though I have pain killers so that is helping me a little.  What I really making me sick is the taste of my own blood.  I keep bleeding on and off and it is making my stomach upset.

With the fact that I have not really eaten and the blood taste  I really going to be sick.  The gauze it slowing the bleeding down but not stopping it and the taste.  Does anyone have any ideas how to help me.

Posted on 06/23/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Extractions, Oral Surgery | 2 Comments »

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