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Dental Insurance Benefits in New Jersey


Dental Insurance Benefits in New Jersey:  How do I know what are the best benefits for a bridge when I do not see any dental isurance or plans telling me the cost.?  Where do I see the cost for a bridge?  Or do they not cover what is not stated on the fee schedule?  I know I need a new bridge since the old one is lose and I just waiting for it to fall out.   Please advise what I can do.

Posted on 01/12/11 | by admin | in Bridges | 1 Comment »

Dental Insurance Coverages for Adult Braces.


Dental Insurance Coverages for Adult Braces in Washington DC.   I have an adult son that needs to have braces for an overbite.   I want to help in with the cost and told him I would pay for half the cost.  I felt bad that at the time when he was child we could not afford braces.  

However even only paying half the cost of braces are costly so I told him to hold off until I can find a dental insurance plan that offer coverages on adult braces.  Can you please tell me out of your dental plan which one would help me.

Posted on 01/10/11 | by admin | in Bridges | 1 Comment »

Dental insurnce for a bridge replacement and or repair


Over six years ago I had a bridge put in for three teeth that were on the right side top.   At that time I had really great dental insurance though my X-husband dental he got though his job.

Now however I do not have dental insurance for the past three years when he drop me from his plans.  I guess he was nice to keep me on as long as he did but I have not see a dentist since.

I think my bridge is coming loose and I am not sure why or what I can do about it.  Could I get a dental insurance plan for a new bridge or for them to cover the fix the old one.  I do not care which I just do not want to have missing teeth.

Posted on 11/26/10 | by admin | in Bridges | 1 Comment »

Affordable dental insurance need for a dental bridge.


My mom has an old dental bridge she had now forever and she has not really been to the dentist for some time.  I figure she problem has some issues with her teeth and she stated her bridge is a little loose.

She is 75 and does not have dental insurance.  Since she is on a fixed income she does not take care of herself like she should.  I am going to be buying her dental insurance and taking her to the dentist but I would like a good plan that can fix her bridge and whatever else she may need.

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Dental insurance benefits for bridges


I am not sure I understand dental insurance.  I do not currently have any dental insurance but I know I need to have few teeth pull and I am willing to get a bridge put in.  I do not need to have implant since I could not afford them anyway.

So my friend told me to get dental insurance before I start pulling out my teeth.  She said they should cover me to get a bridge.  The thing is all the plans I seen say nothing about bridges and how much they would cost.  Does dental insurance cover for bridges or not?

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Dental Health Care, Dental Bridges.


What happens to the teeth that are under the dental bridge.  I meen if they are conecting the bridge to the two teeth on either side of the gap what happens to those teeth?  how are you brushing them if they are under the bridge?

Posted on 07/31/10 | by admin | in Bridges | 1 Comment »

Dental insurance for braces. Need to get affordable braces for my 12 year old


I was just told by my dentist that my son should get braces for an over bite.  I guess  I am in no real rush but I would like to get him the braces  he needs.  My dental insurance plan does not offer coverage for braces.

The dentist told me not to start any orthodontic treatment until I have dental insurance in force. Were can I find dental insurance for kid braces.  If I can find something affordable then I get my son the braces he needs.
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Dental Health care, Need low costs dental service for major dental work


Where can I go to get major dental work done at a low cost??   I do not have dental insurance and a dental discount plan is not cutting it for me.  I bought AmeriPlan thinking it may help and it not like I did not get any discount saving they just was not enough.

I need several  teeth pulled, then I will need to have implants or at least a bridge put in.  AmeriPlan really only help me with the office visit, X-rays and treatment plan.  But for what the dentist told me I needed even with the 20 percent discount they said they were giving me I could still never afford the dental work.

I am not putting the plan down it just does not work for me.  I need dental help. Where can I go to either get free to low cost dental work done?
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Posted on 07/08/10 | by admin | in Bridges, Dental Help, Dental Insurance, Extractions | 2 Comments »

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