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Dental care treatment for TMJ, will dental insurance help


I am 26 and get really bad headaches every morning when I wake up.  I found out from my dentist that I am grinding my teeth when I sleep and I also have TMJ.  My dental insurance will not cover for a night gaurd nor will they help me with the TMJ issues I have.   I am left wondering if that the case with all dental insurance plans.

Up till now my dental insurance has been a great plan and I have had major dental work that cost me very little.  Do you know if there is any dental insurance plans that can help me or do I have to look into my health to see if I will get any help there.

Posted on 11/16/10 | by admin | in TMJ | No Comments »

I think I may have TMJ disorder


For years now off and on I aways had my jaw making popping sounds but it never really hurt or anything.  Now with in this year I wake up and my jaw seems stiff and sore.  Can this be signs of TMJ? A friend of mine has braces for TMJ.

I really do not want braces are there other ways to treat TMJ?  And who would I see to confirm if TMJ is what I have?  A dentist or an orthodontic?

Posted on 09/08/10 | by admin | in TMJ | 1 Comment »

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