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Wisdom teeth extraction, Need a low cost dental plan


I need to have my wisdom teeth extracted.  I am twenty-four and still have all my wisdom teeth. My general dentist told me I should at least pull the top two since they show signs of coming in wrong.  I talked to my dental insurance company and they will not cover a bony extraction.

I need a low cost dental plan that can at least help me out with the cost of pulling my wisdom teeth can you please advise?

Posted on 09/10/10 | by admin | in Extractions | 1 Comment »

Dental health care, Wisdom teeth extraction


So I had my wisdom teeth removed a day ago and I am in a great deal of pain.  I can not eat and my mouth hurts.  I am doing what the dentist told me to do which is rinsing out with warm water.  But how long should I have to deal with this pain?  Advile is not really cutting it so please advise.

Posted on 08/02/10 | by admin | in Oral Surgery | 1 Comment »

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