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Golden West Dental Insurance in California


Is the Golden West dental plan the best dental HMO plan?  I live in California and I am looking for a good dental plan that offer an affordable monthly cost.  I see you have two Golden West dental plans a 100 and a 200.   I like the 200 plan even though it is  slightly more expensive, I see that it offer better coverages for services render.

So does that make the Golden West dental plan a better over all plan for your low cost HMO plan that you have available.  I want to make sure I am buying the best plan option.  Thanks.

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California HMO dental plans, Pacificare Dental 160 vs GoldenWest Dental 200


I found your web site after going though many others.  Some more confusing then the next and right now I am just tired and want to know out of your HMO dental insurance plans that I see you offer which one is the better one to get between the GoldenWest Dental 200 plan and the Pacificare 160 plan.  I want to get one or the other so would like some feed back.   Thanks

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California dental insurance though the Golden West Dental plan


Hello I was reviewing all the many different dental plan and dental insurance choices you have for the state of California.  I wanted a low cost plan and I think I am liking the Golden West dental HMO insurance the best right now.  Can you tell me want is the difference between the Golden West dental plan 100 and 200?  How soon can I use the plan if I was to enroll?

Posted on 12/06/10 | by admin | in Golden West Dental | 2 Comments »

Golden West Dental plan 200, How can I add my dental office to the list of providers


I been going to this one family dental office  Family Smile Care for the past four years.  However my job changing the benefits they are offering and the dental is going up.  I started shopping out my cost to see what I could get on my own and if I can find something cheaper.

Not only did I find the Golden West dental plan 200 on your website and found out it is much cheeper then what I was paying but it offer better benefits.  However it says you need to choice one of there plan networ provider and I do not see my dentist listed.   How do I go about having them listed so I can go them and get your plan?

Posted on 11/23/10 | by admin | in Golden West Dental | 2 Comments »

Golden West dental insurance benefits for Bridges


I am looking to get a dental bridge for my four front teeth.   Two years ago I had them pulled by this one dentist then gave me a temp bridge but told me it was a regular bridge.  I did not found about this though until they broke and I had to go to a different dental office because the one that I went to was no longer in business.

Now I need to have a new bridge and was told that I have two root canal and crown done on those teeth as well.  I was looking at the Golden West dental plan and wanted to know if the plan would cover  for what I need to have done.

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California Dental Insurance, Golden West dental 100/200 plans


I live in CA and been reviewing many plans on line.   I been shopping on line for over four days and been seeing the Golden West dental plans 100 & 200.  I would like to know what you think of these plan?  Which one is the better one to get the 100 or 200 plan?

I do not mind choosing a dentist in the network since I do not currently have one anyway but how do I go about choosing the right one for me?   I am not sure about the claims process the plan I use to have though an old job I always had to file claims and wait for my money back.  Is Golden West dental like that too?

Posted on 10/27/10 | by admin | in Golden West Dental | 1 Comment »

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