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New York dental coverges for teeth whitening treatment


I have dental insurance but it does not cover well for anything really and it offer nothing for whitening treatments.  My teeth have yellowish now for some time and I just want to have whiter teeth before X-mas.

Our whole family is coming down this year to be together and that is well over 25 people.  So yes there well be many photos taken.  I like to look nice when I smile.  I would like to have nice looking teeth instead of yellow ones.   What can I get that can help me right away.

Posted on 12/22/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | No Comments »

How can I get whiter teeth without the high cost of seeing a dentist.


My teeth are really health and I have no cavities or gum issues I see my dentist twice a year since I do have dental insurance that full pays for me to have my basic cleaning done.

My plan just does not cover for teeth whiting and my dentist told me the cost to do it at their office is $225.00.  This is way more money then I want to spend right now.  Any other good suggestions that really work ?

Posted on 12/02/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | 3 Comments »

Dental care, How can I get rid of yellow teeth


I have really yellow teeth and I really want to have white teeth like most everyone else has.  I brush my teeth and go to the dentist I do not have any cavities just really yellowish looking teeth.  What can I do that is cheap but will whiten my teeth really fast?  My mom will not pay for whiten treatment at the dentist so that is not an options for me.

Posted on 11/07/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | No Comments »

Dental Care, Trying to whiten my teeth are hurting my gums


I am 19 but I been drinking coffee since I was only 13.  I have healthy teeth but worry about them not staying white with my coffee drinking.  A friend of my said I should start brushing with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda since this would not only whiten my teeth but keep them white.

I started doing what was suggested and it works really well but now in some areas my gum hurt at the teeth line.   Also my gums turn white for a short time but I was guessing that had to do with the hydrogen peroxide.  I do not know if I am brushing too hard or what.   Should I change to a softer toothbrush?

Posted on 10/20/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | 1 Comment »

Brown stained teeth, Past smoker need dental help


I was a smoker.  I really do not smoke now but I am left with brown stained up teeth.  I tried whitening strips but they did not really work well for me.   I would like to have my teeth whiten but a dentist but I hear that can cost up to $150.00 or more since my dental insurance will not cover for whitening treatment.   Where can I go or what can I do to make my teeth look better.?

Posted on 10/13/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | 6 Comments »

What do you think about having your teeth whiten


Would love to hear the pro and cons from people that had their teeth whiten.    I am thinking about whiten my teeth.  My teeth are not really bad they are just not as white as I would like them to be.  My mom tells me not to do it that my teeth are find but that is coming from my mom.

I will be going to the dentist to have them whiten so it not like I buying something cheap over the counter whiten strips.  Should or should I not whiten my teeth?

Posted on 09/15/10 | by admin | in Teeth Whitening | 5 Comments »

Dental Insurance Coverage for dental veneers


I was a smoker for over fifteen years.  Although I have quite smoking now for over two year my teeth are really bad looking do to my prior smoking.   I had whiten treatment done before but it really did not hurt my teeth to look that much better.

I was talking to my new dentist under my dental plan that told me about getting dental veneers as a way of making my teeth look 100 percent better.   My current dental insurance however will not cover for veneers to be done.  What can I do get veneers?

Posted on 08/17/10 | by admin | in Cosmetic, Teeth Whitening | 4 Comments »

Individual dental insurance for teeth whitening


I am looking to have my teeth whiten.  I have slightly yellowish teeth and whitening toothpaste is not really helping me whiten them up.   My dentist said they can do a whiten treatment there at the office that would really make my teeth look nice.

However after checking with my dental insurnace I was told they would not cover anything for teeth whitening treatements.   Is there any dental insurance plan that I could get just to cover my whitening treatment?  If not any advise on how to whiten my teeth?

Posted on 08/01/10 | by admin | in Dental Insurance, Teeth Whitening | 3 Comments »

Dental health care, Crest whitening strips


I have slightly yellowish teeth.  I do not have enough money to get my teeth whiten at my dentist office since my dental insurance does not pay anything for whitening treatment.  Has anyone use Crest whitening strips.  Do they work well?  Are they a pain to use?

I like to try and use something that will help whiten my teeth at an affordable cost to me.  Any other suggestions would be good too.  Thanks.

Posted on 06/20/10 | by admin | in Dental Help, Teeth Whitening | 2 Comments »

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