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Dental Benefit – Sports Dental Injury


Sports Dental Injury Treatment & Prevention. 

With athletes losing teeth every year from playing the sports they love, it is always essential to make sure you are protecting your teeth when playing sports. Sports Injuries to the mouth can be disfiguring. They also can take time away from school and or work. Dental repair due to sports injuries can also become expensive. Take the time for some preventive dental care when playing sports, and use a properly fitted mouthguard. If you are not wearing a mouthguard that fits correctly, it loses the protection benefits.

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Dental Benefit – Cost of Dental Care


Dental costs are discouraging to people with dental insurance. 

Millions of people who needed dental care have yet to go stating they could not afford it. A study shows that even people with dental insurance put off their dental care needs because out-of-pocket expenses were too costly. These cost issues do not only impact lower-income households but middle-income households as well. Preventive dental care has never been more critical to maintain.

Most dental insurance stress preventive dental care providing no to very low co-payments for preventative dental care services. By having good at-home dental habits and seeing your dentist for preventive dental care, you help keep your dental cost low by not having more significant dental issues. Brushing and flossing your teeth helps to prevent cavities from starting. By seeing your dentist twice a year, they can detect any early signs of tooth decay or gum disease and treat the issue while it is still minor and less costly. 

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Dental Benefit – Dental Help


Government Help for Dental Care.

Yes, you can get help for dental care through the US Department of Health. Everyone is eligible to use a free clinic. It just requires a lot of waiting in line. Since most dental clinics provide services on a first come, first serve basis and usually do not make appointments. You can visit the US Department of Health and Human Services – Health Resources and Services Administration website to find a federally funded healthcare center.

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Dental Benefit – Dental Schools


How dental schools can save you money

Dental schools are an excellent way to receive more affordable dental care for low-income people who do not have dental insurance. Some people either do not receive dental benefits through work or feel they can not afford dental care insurance. These people will also tend to avoid the dentist even when necessary due to cost. 

Dental schools provide a way to receive dental care at a more affordable cost. Most dental schools offer cheaper dental care services than a local general dentist. Dental schools will generally work with you to determine the cost of dental care by evaluating patients free of charge and creating a treatment plan priced within your means. Though every school is different, most schools have walk-in, emergency care, and appointment services.

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Keeping Your Dental Care Cost Low


Keep your dental care cost low by knowing the cost of dental care

More people are willing to spend hours shopping for food to determine where to get the best coupons and prices and compare them among five or more stores. However, when you talk about the dental care needs at a dentist, only some people shop to ensure the best cost for their dental care. Many more people continue to pay overly high prices for their dental care or, worse, avoid going to a dentist for dental care because they feel the cost will be too high. 

Knowing the cost of dental services, such as office visits, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, etc., at a few dental offices will help empower you to seek more affordable dental care even if you have been with your dentist for a while. Shopping your current dental office will let you know if they are overpriced. Not saying you have to leave but if you find that other dental offices in the area are less expensive, then talk to your dental office to see if they are willing to match the cost to keep you. 

Find out if the dental office has a website. See if the dental offices offer savings if you book your first appointment through their website. Always ask if there are any other specials or savings they are running. If you are paying cash, see about getting a cash discount. You may also want to find a dental office offering affordable payment plan options for the more costly dental services so that you can still afford any needed dental care.

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Dental Benefit – Dental Care at Home


Practice preventative dental care at home. 

To keep your dental cost low, you must have good dental habits at home. I am sure you may have heard this before, but flossing and brushing your teeth will help prevent cavities and gum disease. With proper preventive dental care at home, you can avoid more extensive and more costly dental services done at the dentist.

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Dental Benefit – No Dental Insurance


Dental Health Care with No Dental Insurance. 

Due to the current dismal economy, many people are putting off seeing their dentist. Americans without dental insurance delayed further dental visits due to the cost of care.  

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Fruits and Vegetables Good for Your Oral Health.


Fruits and Vegetables may be one way to help prevent oral cancer. 

Dentist help plays a role in the prevention of oral cancer by educating their patients. Oral cancer prevention strategies include eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Current evidence supports a recommendation of a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a whole-foods, plant-based diet with limited consumption of meat, particularly processed meat

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Dental Benefit – Teeth Whitening Options


A brochure will help to explain teeth whitening options

Many people want brighter, whiter smiles, but they may not understand the limitations or risks of the treatment. Before having your teeth whitened either with an at-home kit or by a dentist, ask your dentist for a teeth whitening brochure. Many dental offices will be able to provide pamphlets on teeth whitening that explains the difference between at-home and in-office whitening. They will typically provide details on various products’ active ingredients and relative strengths. The brochure will discuss possible side effects and cases when bleaching is not advisable and show before and after photos of teeth whiting services.

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Dental Benefit – Veneers


Dental Veneers are only sometimes the best option. 

Many makeovers TV shows made people aware of the dramatic changes that veneers can make on a person’s smile. Makeover shows commonly use porcelain veneers or laminates for quick results that the show may be wanting. However, depending on the dental issue, there may be better choices than veneers. Such as, if teeth are not straight, orthodontics is usually the preferred choice because they do not require irreversibly changing the tooth structure. Also, there may be better choices than veneers for someone who clenches or grinds his teeth, as this will cause premature failure of the veneer. Stay informed of all your options in dental correction. Speak to a Cosmetic dentist and decide what is the best option for you 

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Dental Benefit – Kids Tooth Decay


Tooth decay in young kids is on the rise. 

Tooth decay in young children’s baby teeth is on the rise. A Worrying trend is that the preschool crowd is overeating sugar and may not maintain good dental habits. Another reason for the increase in tooth decay among children could be the lack of dental benefits through employment.

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Dental Benefit – Gum Disease


Tooth lost due to Gum Disease.

Did you know that more teeth are lost due to gum disease than tooth decay? Gum disease can strike anyone who neglects oral hygiene or eats a poor diet. People with alcoholism, malnutrition, AIDS/HIV infection, or being treated with steroid drugs or certain cancer chemotherapies have a higher risk of gum disease. Women with tooth or gum problems are also more likely to give birth to premature babies. Seeing a dentist regularly and proper dental care habits are essential in reducing your risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

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Dental Benefit – Using a Straw


Using a straw is better for your teeth. 

If you have ever had your teeth whitened, you may know the trick about drinking stain-able drinks such as coffee through a straw to maintain your newly whitened teeth. However, drinking sodas, sports/energy drinks, and juices through a straw is also a good idea to help protect your tooth enamel. Many of those drinks contain acids, such as citric and phosphoric, that can erode dental enamel, even if they are diet or sugar-free. Using a straw, you can position it toward the back of your mouth, limiting the contact the drinks have with your teeth. Helping to preserve the tooth enamel.

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