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My old dentist denying to forward my records/x-rays


So about seven months ago I went to this one dentist that did X-rays cleaning the first visit and then I when back for a filling.   I really did not like him but I continue to go to him for the filling.  Then not even a week later my tooth he did a filling on started to hurt once again.

I told them this and they coped an attitude with me.  So I wanted to go to a different dentist.  In order not to have dental X-rays done again since I do not have coverage for them twice in a year I told the office I wanted my X-rays forward to the new office.  In which case they stated they will not until I pay off the balance of what due.

My insurance will pay them but they want it now if I what my X-rays to be forwarded to the new office.  Can they do this?  I am really upset now I feel they are trying to force me to go back to them to fix something they should have done right the first time.  How do I get my X-rays.

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Dental care, Why dont dentist give their costs to you up front.


Every time I go to a dentist they never just tell me my cost up front it is always lets see your insurance first then we will tell you the cost.  Why do that do that?  Is it so they can charge you more if you have dental insurance?   Are their charges different depending on your insurance this does not make sense to me.  How are you to shop out dentist when they do not want to tell you their cost for services.

Posted on 10/16/10 | by admin | in Complaints | 2 Comments »

Dental Complaints, where do you complain to the dentist or the dental insurance company


What do you do if you have a compliant against a dental office?  I think they are over charging me and my dental insurance.  I do not really have a problem with the dentist work he does a really good job. The issue is that I being billed to much.

Do I complain to the dentist since the dental staffing in the office are stupid and will not hear me out. Or do I talk to the dental insuance company to find out what is going on with my billing that I am being billed for.

Posted on 10/04/10 | by admin | in Complaints | 2 Comments »

Dental Discount plans and making complaints.


So I am thinking about going ahead and buying the Careington dental plan that I see available to me.  I am just worried a little since I have heard not good things about dental discount plans.  The thing is I am in very bad toothache pain.   So right now a discount plan seems to be about the only thing that is going to help me any.

I would like to know who makes sure the dentist give you the dental discount as showed on the plan?  If I have that issue who would I complain to  make sure I am not over charged?  Or am I just left hanging since it is not insurance?  What else should I know before buying the Careington dental plan?

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