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Learing about Dental PPOs Insurance plans

Tuesday, Nov. 9th 2010 3:48 PM

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)

Another true dental insurance plan, a Preferred provider organizations ( PPO) falls somewhere between an indemnity plan and a dental HMO. This plan allows a particular group of patients to receive dental care from a defined panel of individual dental insurance dentists. This type could be used to provide dental gap insurance.

The participating individual or family office agrees to charge less than usual fees to this specific patient base, providing savings for the plan purchaser. If the patient chooses to see one who is not designated as a “preferred provider,” that patient may be required to pay a greater share of the fee-for-service.

A group of individual or family dentistry providers agrees to provide services at a deeply discounted rate, giving you substantial savings — as long as you stay in their network. Unlike the more restrictive DHMO, though, you can go out of network and still receive some benefits. Some typical features of these plans:

Monthly premiums
Annual dollar cap
You must stay within the approved network of individual or family dentists or pay higher deductibles and co-payments
Your average monthly cost is normally based of your zip code
Dental companies selling these plans are regulated by state insurance departments

Find out what PPO dental insurance plans are available to you and their cost just by entering in your zip  code in the quote box above.  If you have any questions you can ask them in this forum or just call our member sevice line at 310-534-3444  we be happy to hear form you.

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