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Children Dental care, RMBF’s New Checklist Helps Parents Give the Dental Community a Check-Up

Wednesday, Jun. 8th 2011 7:39 AM

The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc.  has once again taken a step in pediatric patient protection by helping parents demand a higher level of preparedness in dental offices.  They have put together a new check list for parents named the “Pediatric Dental Care Checklist”.  This is put out in order to help empower parents by knowing what questions they should ask and know from their pediatric dentist.

Below is the list put out by RMBF and if you do not know the answers to these six questions maybe you should find out.   The more you know the better off you and your family will be.

1. What is the training of the doctor and staff in the office toward medical emergency preparedness? Is this training renewed annually?

2. Are the doctor and staff trained in BLS*/CPR**/PALS***? How often is this training renewed?

3. Does the office practice mock drills on a regular basis? If so how often?

4. Does the office have an Emergency Guide (Emergency Response Protocol Guide)? Ask if you can see it.

5. Does the office have the necessary equipment and appropriate medications to handle medical emergencies? (Automated external defibrillators, emergency drug kits, vital sign monitors, portable oxygen) If so, ask if you can see them and if you can check the corresponding expiration dates.

6. Ask if you can stay with your child during his/her procedure and through recovery (you will find some dentists feel children behave better without the parent being in the room). If the answer is NO, then ask how your child will be monitored from pre-sedation through post-sedation (a return to full consciousness). Ask who will be with your child during this process.

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