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Dental Benefits, What are the major health risks of having bad teeth.

Monday, Jul. 30th 2012 10:58 AM

I am 30 and I never even had a cavity until I had my first child ten years ago.  Since then I have one more child and my teeth can been going down hill every since.   I had some dental work done a few years ago having a few teeth pulled but I lost my dental insurance before I got all the needed dental work done.

I am now left with four teeth I know need to be pulled since they are half gone.  I have a few teeth that may be saved but I am not sure since they are blackish in color.   I have a lot of dental pain but I gotten use to dealing with it since I have only a few teeth that seem to be healthy.

I do not have the money needed to fix all of my dental issues and what money I do have goes to my kids.    So my question is for the past year I am starting to see that I am not feeling well.  I get Nauseated all the time and I feeling fatigued most days.   I also just seem to hurt all over on days for no reason.  Can my having rotten teeth cause other medical problems in the body? If so what does it cause?

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Dental Benefits, What are the major health risks of having bad teeth., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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