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Dental Benefit, Concerns about wisdom tooth extraction

Friday, Nov. 22nd 2013 9:39 AM

Question:  My son is going to have his wisdom teeth removed. Will be put to sleep during the process? If so, what should I expect when he wakes up?  Is dental extractions very painful?  What should I have on hand and What is the aftercare ?

Answer:  Generally speaking you go to an oral surgeon to have wisdom teeth removed and you are asleep during the process.  Once the teeth are extracted the dentist will role up some gauze and place it in his mouth over the extraction site.  You will be given extra gauze to take home and use as needed.  In most cases before leaving the dental office the dentist will go over the after care instructions as well as give it to you in writing.  It will go over what to expect during the recovery  and normally a list of dos and don’t.

Any bleeding should slow down and stop with in a few hours of the extraction. You may want him to take it easy the first day and rest.  Throughout the first day it is  important to keep an icepack on his cheeks near the extraction area.  Wisdom teeth extractions are known for causing swelling and his cheeks can blow up for a few days.  Make sure to stick to soft food during the healing process such as soup, Jell-O, yogurt and pudding to name a few.   You should talk to the dentist that will be doing the wisdom teeth extractions ahead of time so you can have the chance to ask all the questions needed.  Do not be afraid to ask a dentist any questions you may have this way you can relax a little about the process.

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