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Friday, Jul. 14th 2017 7:31 AM

With dental PPO plans they will normally have a yearly maximum limitation per person per calendar year.  That maximum limitation dose not roll over like phone minutes.   If you have a plan that provides a $2000 maximum limitation but don’t use it or  only use say $1000.00 next year the limitation is set at $2000.00 not $4000.00 or $3000.00 there for it is a use it or lose it type of thing.

If you see more costly services that may exceed your yearly max limitation they another way to maximize your benefits is to do what you can do at the end of the year using your maximal limitation and the rest in the new year when you maximum limitation re-sets.  Doing this dose require that you have good commutations with your dentist and dental front office so that the timing of services render is done correctly to maximize your insurance plan benefits.

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