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Common misconceptions made between dental insurance and dentist.

Sunday, Aug. 6th 2017 6:27 AM

It is important to understand that regardless of your dental insurance plan it is up to you to know your coverage’s and what is and what is not covered. Many people just assume that the dentist is only providing dental services based on what their plan offers. This is not always true. In fact many dentist do not even know what their patients have for dental insurance. The dentist job is not to worry about your insurance but to provide the best dental care to patients.

With that said it is up to you to let the dental office front staffing know you wish to stay within your plan coverage’s. If dental services are being suggested that is not part of your plan you will want a good reason why. Believe it or not most dentist are not trying to charge you for higher cost dental care just to get more money from you. Ask your dentist why he/she is suggesting that course of treatment. If it not within your budget or you want to stay with in your plan coverage go over your options with your dentist at that time.

Dentist are not mind readers. Many are more the happy to work with your plan limitations as much as possible as long as they are aware of them. If you have a dental insurance plan where claims need to be filed, then find out ahead of time how the dental office processes this time of claim made services. With the down turn in the economy many dentist are requiring payment is paid in full at the time services are render. Knowing how the dental office hand claims will prevent you from having any unhappy surprises. Keep in mind dental offices that do file claims and wait for payment do so on your behalf it is not a requirement.


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