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Wednesday, Aug. 7th 2019 12:04 PM

Question: I have braces that have rubbers bands that connect my lower and upper jaw. I am told by my dentist to remove the rubber bands when I eat and to replace them every third day. I would like to know is it so bad if I do not take them off while I am eating? They are such a pain to take on and off all the time. Also can I just leave the ones I have in until the brake or something?

Reply: First let me say, I would advise against doing something other then what has been told to you by your orthodontic dentist. They are normally not in the habit of telling you to do things which are not necessary.

With that said: If you eat with the rubber bands on you run the risk of braking them and eating them. Also the reason why you have to change them so often is that over time they lose their tension which is what you need in order for them to work correctly

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