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Friday, Dec. 6th 2019 7:43 AM

Question: I was told that I have three cavities in my molars two on top and one on the bottom. I do not have dental insurance. I am not in major pain but one of the cavities is hurting me on and off.

The dentist will not take a payment plan from any one. I was quoted 250.00 for all the filling needed but only have about 100.00. I would have to wait another two months before I would have 250.00 but that only if I do not spend my money during that time.

Reply: I suggest looking into either a Dental HMO insurance plan and or a dental discount in order to save money on your current dental care needs. If not that then I would find out how much it would cost just to fix the tooth that hurting you then deal with the others when you cna better afford to.

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