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Dental Benefit – Why choose a Plan Provider in a PPO

Friday, Oct. 9th 2020 9:08 AM

One of the benefits of of having or buying a PPO dental insurance plan is that you can choose your own dentist even it it means going to a non plan provider

But what are the advantages of choosing a in Network Provider? There are a few benefits for seeing a plan provier (in network provider) of a PPO plan as listed below

1) Saving Money: Within many PPO insurance companies they have an agreement with their network dentist that they do not balance bill you more than their contracted fee. As an example. If you had a dental service with a 20% coinsurance amount you pay 20% of your dentist’s contacted fee. Non network providers can charge you their full fee for their services in the end possible costing you more

2) Pay Less up Front: With many PPO plans they pay your dentist directly, then sends you a notice explaining your portion of the bill. You pay the dentist only your portion of the services. This may not be the case with a non provider as they may want the cost for the services up front making yo pay in full then wait for premiums to be paid back to you by your insurance company. It is important to check however with in and out of network dental office how they process claims so you know what to expect.

3) Quality: With many PPO plans the insurance company in network providers are properly licensed and meet accepted standards for cleanliness and safety procedures.

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