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Dental Benefit – Knowing what a cavity look like.

Monday, Mar. 8th 2021 1:50 PM

When you are brushing your child teeth you should take a closer look each time an check for the sings of tooth decay.

Prevention is the key and if you can start to spot warning signs early on you will be able to have any dental issues address by your dentist that much sooner. In most toddlers cavities will be in one of thee common places. Either in between teeth, on the chewing surface of their molars or at the gum or tooth line either in front or in back of the teeth. Cavities in between teeth may be harder to spot you want to look out for white chalky lines on the tooth. White chalky like lines are an early stage of a cavity forming. It is a mixture of plaque, bacteria, and sugars which are planning an assault on the surface of the tooth. If left untreated by a dentist, plaque will start to turn brown and then black which is the decaying the tooth. At that point you are looking at some major dental care treatment and higher dental cost. With a mindful eye to your child dental care and regular dental healthcare check ups by your family dentist your child is on the right track to good oral healthcare.

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