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Kids Dental Checkup and Maintaining Good Oral Health.

Thursday, May. 6th 2021 6:18 AM

In addition to teaching your children about daily brushing and flossing habits seeing their dentist regularly for checkups is important in maintaining their oral health care. Checkups are more then just a basic cleaning done by a dentist.  What you can expect from a dental checkup.    

X-rays:  (if you had not had them in the past year) are the dentist tool to look for gum disease, or other dental problems.   

Examination:  The dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth, to look for changes or signs of a problem.    

Education: At this point after having X-rays and a oral Examination the dentist will go over any dental or hygiene problems that were detected.   

Cleaning and Polishing of your teeth:  After reviewing your child teeth the dentist or a dentist hygienist will clean and polish their teeth.  Removing the tartar build up. They may go over dental hygiene care with your child if they see they are not brushing or flossing well. Showing them how to floss or pointing out areas that they need to focus more on. 

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