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Tuesday, Apr. 5th 2022 6:44 AM

Tooth enamel helps to protect the tooth against tooth decay, yet it is important to know that children’s tooth enamel is not as strong as adult tooth enamel. 

When we eat food or drinks containing sugar, the bacteria on our teeth turn it into acid, which attacks the enamel on teeth. Over time, saliva neutralizes this acid, but if your children eat a lot of sugary foods or drink sugary drinks, their teeth will be exposed to more acid, more often, that is when teeth can start to decay.  If decays goes unchecked it will start to cause a cavity. 

In the early stages a cavity, does not normally cause your child any pain, and the dentist should be able to see it and stop it from developing into a bigger hole. This is another reason why regular dentist visits are so important.

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