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Dental Benefit – Does invisible cavity need to be filled?

Saturday, Jun. 25th 2022 6:21 AM

Question:  I just went to the dentist the other day and was told that I have a  cavity on my front tooth, and that if I do not get a filling it will turn into a bigger issue. However I do not see this cavity that he says I have nor is that tooth hurting me at all due to any decay.  Is it really necessary for an invisible cavity to be filled? 

Answer:  First having trust with your dentist is important therefore if you do not believe that your dentist is being honest with you about having a cavity think about getting a second opinion from a different dental office.  However often times small cavities do not cause dental pain until they become larger issues.  Just because you can not see it does not mean you do not have one. Ask the dentist to show it to you either by the X-rays that or have him point it out to you using a mirror.

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