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Dental care, where do you go to get a good dentist.

Tuesday, Jul. 27th 2010 8:10 AM

I have not luck with dentist or dental office.  I have dental insurance where I can see whatever dentist I want too.  However I either find that I do not care for the dentist.  Or when I do like the dentist the dental office staffing is so bad that I still do not like going to them.

What does one have to do to find a dentist without a bad attitude or with a good front office staffing?  This is becoming a big issue for me.  How do I pick a good dentist office with staffing that know how to process out claims?

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Dental care, where do you go to get a good dentist., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Posted on Tuesday, Jul. 27th 2010 8:10 AM | by admin | in Dental Help, Dental Insurance | 2 Comments »

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Dental care, where do you go to get a good dentist.

  1. Nate Says:

    You only need to do your research. One are you too picky? Start with yourself and and see if maybe it is not the dentist and or staffing but you.

    If you feel you are not be unreasonable. Then start with making phone calls to the different dental offices. You get a feel for the staffing by making that first call. Ask them all the general questions you may have such as hours they are open, how far booked up they are, How they process out claims etc.

    These are general questions anyone working as the staffing should be able to address in a friend manor. Once you weeded out a few do a office visit. Now I do not mean make an appointment only to go and check out the places. How do you feel about being there. Are the staffing friend to the people that are also there.

    If you are friendly and do not come off weird you can even ask some of the people in the waiting room what they think of the dentist. Get a feel for things doing all this may help you find the dentist you can like. If not try again until you do.

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  2. lisa Says:

    no he is not being picky I agree that the dentist and staff are the problem usually

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