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Dental care, dental insurance, for a cleft palate

Thursday, Sep. 23rd 2010 8:29 AM

My son was born with a cleft palate.  It is not an extreme case but he will still need to get it fixed.  My medical insurance will be taking care of that.  My question is two parts.

First is there any more dental care that needs to be given to a child with a cleft palate?  He does not yet have his teeth in but would like some idea about it.

Also I am currently shopping out dental insurance and I am not sure if my son cleft palate will be an issue or not for me with regards to dental insurance.

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Dental care, dental insurance, for a cleft palate, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Posted on Thursday, Sep. 23rd 2010 8:29 AM | by admin | in Dental Help | 2 Comments »

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Dental care, dental insurance, for a cleft palate

  1. Troy Says:

    There is not much more normal dental care that you would need to give as far as yourself. Clean your baby gums and when first teeth start coming him take him to see the dentist.

    A dentist will help you with his dental care needs. You may need to see the dentist a little more the twice a year but the dentist will advise you on that.

    Depending no your son teeth you may need to take extra care of brushing and flossing. Such as crowded teeth can be harder to floss.

    Dental insurance will help you take care of your son dental needs with regards to his teeth. But it may not cover for braces if he need to have them due to the clef palate that would be something you would have to check on by plan by plan bases.

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  2. Rita Says:

    My daughter had a clef palate and for me anything that had to do with taking care of the palate was covered under our medical insurance.

    Every thing that was dental. Such as check ups, cleaning and over all teeth care was covered under our dental insurance. I did have her see the dentist four time a year just so I can keep ahead of any issues that may have come up.

    Other then that we took care of her teeth just like we did our son. Regular brushing and daily flossing. I would suggest that if you do not have dental insurance not get some.

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