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Question about getting braces for my son

Thursday, Oct. 21st 2010 10:01 AM

My son needs to have braces for a overbite.  I have dental insurance though my job that will cover about 30 percent of the cost of braces. I am just worry about having the work done.  My neighbor and good friend daughter has braces and it been a nightmare for her.

My neighbor has dental insurance and it is much like mine where it will pay out only so much for braces.  She though it okay that was about 40 percent of what the braces should be costing her.  However,  her daughter brackets pop off all  the time and each time she has to have them put back on the office charges her extra for it sometimes costing in the hundreds.

She says many times the brackets come off within the same day.  She tell them this but they do not cut her any slack saying it is her daughter making them come off.  I will not be going to the same orthodontic office that they did but she tells me they are all the same.

That this is how they make more money and she can do nothing about it because once they start the braces they have to be finish by the same dentist in order for her to have any coverages under her dental insurance plan.

How can I avoid this from happening to me?  I can not afford to have so many extra charges that my plan will not cover for.  This sound like a scam on the dentist part and I do not want to fall into it.

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Question about getting braces for my son , 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
Posted on Thursday, Oct. 21st 2010 10:01 AM | by admin | in Braces | 3 Comments »

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Question about getting braces for my son

  1. Nancy Says:

    You need to come to terms with the orthodontic dental office before starting any thing. Find out if they charge for brackets off.

    Come to an understanding that if they come off in the same day you will not have to pay. As long as you call and let them know it happen that same day.

    I did that but my dental office is really cool and even though a bracket did come off then never charged me. I think they start to really charge if it was happening all the time.

    Just make sure you have a clear understand of the dental office charges and rule before having the braces. I am going to say that there is no reason for brackets to come off like you stated above and may she is doing something to have the pop off.

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  2. Young Lee Says:

    My son orthodontic dental office will fix brackets that come of two a month with out charge. They say that they know sometimes they may just come off but it is not the norm.

    If they are coming off all the time then it is because of something you are doing to make them come off. I tend to believe them.

    The only time a bracket came off on my son was when he was eating a now or later. The candy got stuck to the braces and took of a bracket.

    I am not saying that is what your friend daughter is doing but something does not seem right about bracket coming of like that.

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  3. G Nelson Says:

    Sounds like your neighbor as a bad dental office. There is no reason for brackets to be coming off like that. Since you will not be going there try not to jump to many what ifs based on one person bad experiences.

    I agree know all the charges a dental office may have in regards to having the braces come to terms and get in writing.

    If you follow though on your end doing that you should not have any problems that can not be addressed.

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